Gotta Be You.

Y/n and your bestfriend Baila won the Chance of a life time to meet your Favorite Boy Band- One Direction, More coming soon.


2. Its Time.

 "This was it". you whisper to yourself as you put your badazled I LOVE NIALL sweatshirt and grabbed your purse. Next thing you know your at the show, 2 rows away froom the stage you barrley have time to sit down before the lights go out,"I think im going to cry" Baila (your bestfriend ) screams over the loud screeches of thousands of girls waitng for the same thing as you- One Direction. fog rolls over the stage, Harry. Zayn. Liam. Louis. And of course.... Wait. Wheres Niall?! you think to yourself. BAM!! a spot light hits the crowd, wait, no, Its Niall, he runs through the crowd on to the stage, your in tears no, this ight will be perfect

By the Middle of the concert, Niall still hasnt come to your side of the sage, and your favorite song it coming on. 'Gotta be you'

"One more, One more time, can we try oone more time to make it all better, coause its gotta be Youuuuuuuuuu" you can he the girls next to you get even louder. Niall. hes walking towds you  and reachs his hand out "Hello Love, would you like to join me?" "Me?!?" "yes you! Come up her babe!" you dont move, Nialls soft irsih accent fills your head "GO!" you hear Baila yell. You grab his hand and he brings you into the middle of the stage, "Hello Everyone, Please Welcome Y/N to the stage, she has been picked as our random fan of the concert!" they sing 'What Makes you Beautiful' and give you a rose to end the night.


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