Love is in the air

This is about a young girl aged 14 named Mellisa , Mellisa went to high school and fell deeply inlove with a boy called Andrew. When she takes Andrew to meet her dad , William , her dad refuses for her to see him!
Will they find a way to be together ?


32. Thinking ..

The rain drops dripped down the window, falling then falling a little bit more then crumbling. Like me. Andrew was bouncing about in my head 'He likes you Mellisa , he really does...' I knew that I need to speak to him , 'BRINGGG!' the bell, ot scared me . I completly forgot that I had another class after Mrs Ebbels boring English Lesson. "Have a good day everyone , off you go!" She ushered people out the classroom . I was the last one to exit , I always was. Last seat , Last row. I was walking towards the door , "Miss Mellisa," Mrs Ebbel said as she blocked the doorway with her arm,"I NEED to speak to you." she spat. "What?" I asked , Mes Ebbel was blabbing on when I looked at the clock, 20 past 10 . I glared outside the door a que of people standing there , waiting for their lesson, and so was ai. I rushed out the classroom , Mrs Ebbel still talking and ran down the hall and into the other building and to floor 3 , room 7! I was late, and in BIG trouble...

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