Love is in the air

This is about a young girl aged 14 named Mellisa , Mellisa went to high school and fell deeply inlove with a boy called Andrew. When she takes Andrew to meet her dad , William , her dad refuses for her to see him!
Will they find a way to be together ?


9. Letter to Amber

 23 Junior Road

Cleveland , U.S.A

1998 , Sunday 5th July 

SH1 AB2 

Dear Amber ,

Hi its me , Mellisa , I miss you what are you up to ?

Woodland High is terrible , please come visit , my adress is on the top of the letter . 

How is Jenson ? Oh tell him that I will be in the science fair this year! 

Place a rose on my moms grave for me .

Bye Amber , Tell me your adress . Please . 

Love You ,

Mellisa X

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