Love is in the air

This is about a young girl aged 14 named Mellisa , Mellisa went to high school and fell deeply inlove with a boy called Andrew. When she takes Andrew to meet her dad , William , her dad refuses for her to see him!
Will they find a way to be together ?


22. Lesbian or First Night Sleepover?

Around 11:30 the short stumpy lady ,Zanaib, came knocking at my door again, to tell me to go to sleep "Go to sleep, now " she said , then came over and started looking through my draws. "What are you doing,Zanaib?!" I asked her while going over and slaming my draws . Sh gave me an evil look.  "I will be back at 12 to make sure your asleep by then , yes?" "yes , Zanaib. " I opemed the door and gave her a fake smile. I took out one ciggerate and she came running back in "STOP!" she yelled . I dropped it. She gave me an other evil look and slammed the door . I rolled over and was going to sleep.. 

When I got a knock at my door AGAIN , it was Amber. I opened the door , and she came in hug her dressing gown on the wall and came in a nuggled up beside me . Is Amber a lesbian or is this just a first night sleepover?

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