Love is in the air

This is about a young girl aged 14 named Mellisa , Mellisa went to high school and fell deeply inlove with a boy called Andrew. When she takes Andrew to meet her dad , William , her dad refuses for her to see him!
Will they find a way to be together ?


39. Cassidy + Mellisa = BFF

I was trying to find Harriot all lunch period. But I couldn't. I needed to know what this meant , are we an item ? a thing? A COUPLE?!?! I mean I barely know him . But his soft brown hair smelt so great. And his lips so soft? Oh I need to speak to Cassidy.  I looked around for her until  found her outside on the field. I went and sat down next to her . " Hey Cassidy," She looked up with half a sandwich in her mouth. She wiped her mouth , gulped and said hi. " Look I was wondering , can we be .."  I was asking her a question when she interruped  " Woah little missy , I'm no  lesbian." Some girls stared at her. " No No! I mean can we be friends?" She laughed. " Oh yeah , course!" We giggled.  " Well as we are friends , I have to tell you something.." She tilted her head confused " Harriot O'Leary Kissed Me!!!" She screamed! We laughed and she whispered " Are you going out?" I shurreged my shoulders.. " Well lets finish our lunch and find out!" She chucked another piece of sandwich in her mouth and we got up.  We found Harriot in the cafetirria with some boys. " Oi Harriot!" Cassidy called . Harriot turned around and got up , Cassidys lilac eyes winked at me, " Harriot , are you to going out or what?" she asked impaitently. " Emmm," I smiled at him. " How about a date?" I nodded , great. " Where do you live ?" " 23 Junior Road  ." I said. " Great see you at 8." He sat back down with his mates. " I'll see you at 5." Cassidy said. " Why?" I grabbed a can of Pepsi out of my bag. " To help you get ready." I laughed and headed to class. 

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