Love is in the air

This is about a young girl aged 14 named Mellisa , Mellisa went to high school and fell deeply inlove with a boy called Andrew. When she takes Andrew to meet her dad , William , her dad refuses for her to see him!
Will they find a way to be together ?


12. At school

I was at my locker when Andrew came up to me and said "Hey Babe!" Ahhh!!What ? OMG!!! "Hey Babe?" I replied unsure why he said Hey Babe. "Oh yeah right Mel ca I call you Mel?" I nodded "Will you be my girlfriend?" Ahhhhhhhh NO WAY!! Andrew asked me out! "Yeah Sure!" "Really?" I nodded again. "Yes!" He picked me up and we hugged . Time to tell Amber and Angelina Wait what about that Lexi girl?Before he walked off smiling happily , I shouted out "Andrew Wait!" He rushed back "What Why?" 

"I saw you with this Lexi girl the other day , are you going out with her?" "NoNo, she is my sciene partner ! We were talking about homework." "Okay I belive you." I gave him a hug then went of to class. Do I belive him? Of course I do he wouldnt lie to me would  he ? No! No! No , Mellisa he wouldnt lie to you. These thoughts are banging about in my head , I think I need a little cat nap!

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