Another love story

This is just another love story. Taylor is infatuated with the british boy band "One Direction" Her parents buy her a ticket to go see a concert in Toronto. While she is there, she runs into some trouble, and to her surprise a group of 5 boys comes to her rescue. Taylor falls head over heals for one of the boys, but 5 of the boys fall for her...


1. A gift

Taylor's POV


"Wake up sleepy head!" mom whispered as she entered my room. "ughhh.. what?" I groned. -Im not a morning person- "I have a little something for you, concider it an eary birthday gift.." she led on. "Why did you have to wake me up so early to give it to me?" I mumble. "It's 10:00, you can hardly concider that early. Besides, there is a specific reason, why dont you open it and find out." I opened the small packege very carfuly, I saw a small peice of paper inside. I couldn't quite tell what it was because my eyes hadn't ajusted to the light yet. "What is it?" I asked. "It's a plane ticket.." My mom replied. "A plane ticket for what?" "Your going to fly to Toronto. Happy birthday!" She said excitedly. "Thank you! This is amazing." "It's not even the best part. Look in the drawr of your dresser." She pointed to the top drawr of my dresser. I opened it up, and laying right on the top, in plain view, was a ticket to go see 'One Direction' in concert in Toronto! "Oh my gosh! Is this for real?" I said excitedly. "When do I leave??" "Today.. actualy, in about 3 hours."  My dad said as he entered my room. "What?! I have nothing packed!" I explained. "Don't worry, weve already packed for you. You will be in Toronto for two weeks, we will make sure to check in with you every day. You are staying in the Hilton hotel." My mom said. "your guys are amazing!" I squeeled. I hopped out of bed and ran to my closet, I rummeged through it and picked out a super cute light pink top, with my favourite pair of skinny jeans. I paired it with a pair of brown leather boots, and a belt around my waist. I toped it off with a long golden necklace and some braclets. I let my long hair fall in loose curls down my back and over my sholders. I grabbed my lugage and headed out to the car. My parents drove my to the air port to say goodbye, and set me on my way. Im 19, so they let me travell on my own. I hopped on the plane and waited for the pilot to come over the sound system, I sat down im my seat and tried to get comfortable. Unfortinately, a huge man sat in front of me, to make it worse, he smelt really bad! A kid sat behind me... he decided to kick my seat as soon as he got seated. "Great" I mummbled under my breath. The plane took off and we started to assened. It was about a 3 hour plane ride, other than the people around me, it was a good ride. The lights as we entered Toronto were amazing! I loaded off of the plane and went into the air port. I caught a taxie and asked the driver to take me to the Hilton hotel. The drive was quiet, probably due to the fact that the driver didnt speak English. He dropped me off at the hotel and I picked up my bags out of the trunk and paid the man. I walked to the front desk and asked for my reservation. "Hi, I have a reservation under Taylor Rose?" "Ah yes, Miss. Rose. Right this way please." I followed her into the elivator, and she pressed on the 7th floor button. We walked out of the elivator and headed down the hall way. We reached my room and she handed me a key card. I walked into the room. "Oh my...." It was huge! I couldn't belive my eyes, Ive never been in a house this big let alone a hotel room! I walked around and checked things off on my mental list of the things in the hotel room. A bathroom, a kitchen, a dinning area, a living room, two bedrooms, and a laundry room. This place is bigger than my house! I plopped my bags down in my bedroom, and curled up on the bed. I drifted off to sleep, and explored dream land..


*Authors note! Thanks for reading this guys, Im only going to write the first chapter so far so please tell me if I should continue writing or not! Thanks so much once again! Love all of you! =^.^= *

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