They Don't Know About Us

Harry, Zayn, Niall, Louis, and Liam are members of a world famous band called One Direction. After finishing their second world tour the boys take a break to spend time with friends and family.
Harry goes home. Zayn joins his family on the Little mix tour so he can spend time with his mum and Perrie. Niall goes back to Ireland. Louis meets up with Eleanor in London and Liam spends time with Dani.
But what happens when Niall falls for a girl named Emma, who Management does not approve of.


1. Goodbye's and Hello's

Niall's POV

      Today the boys and I just got done with tour and we were all going to take a break for a while. Harry is going home. Zayn is joining his family on the Little mix tour so he can spend more time with Perrie. Louis is going to meet up with Eleanor in London. Liam is going to spend time with Dani. Me, I'm going back home to Ireland.

    When we got to the airport to go our different ways we had a little time are flights arrived.  Mine was first so we all were saying our goodbyes, well at least to me.

    "You better Face-time, text, call and WHATEVER else you can do so I know that you are living!" Louis said acting motherly.

    "Yes MUM!" I said back.

    "Okay okay boys no fighting!" Liam told us.

    Zayn stared at Liam with confusion "With...?"

    "You know, each other our girlfriends..." 

    Before Liam could finish his sentence, Harry interrupted him saying, "HEY! We got some single pringles over here!"  As he talked, he pointed toward us.

    "Yeah Nialler and Hazza are going down single lane!" Louis said.

    "Yes that's right Harry, and also with family's." said Liam looking at me, Harry, and Zayn because we were all going to see our family's.

    "Yeah yeah mum!" mumbled Louis.

    "Louis!" Liam said warning Louis.

    We all laughed until we heard, "Flight 106 to Ireland is ready to board!" said a voice over the speaker.

    “Awww!" all the boys said.

    "Ni Ni is leaving already! Time goes by so fast I mean really look how much he has grown!" Louis said fake crying on Harry's shoulder.

    I smiled and said, "Don't worry Lou! I will text you when I get off the plane!"

    "You better young man!" he said acting motherly AGAIN.

    "Oh Lou!" I said and hugged him the the rest of the boys came in and it was a group hug. "Goodbye!"

    “Bye!!" they all said.

    All except Louis who said "USE PROTECTION!!!" as I boarded the plane.

    I found my seat by the window and I put my carryon on the rack above me. Once I sat down a girl with medium length brown hair and blue eyes sat down in the seat next to me. "Hi!" I said to her trying to get a little small talk going.

    "Hi!" she smiled.

    "I'm Niall."

    "I'm Emma." Emma, it was perfect! "Are you from that band One Direction?"

    "Yes, I am." I told her.

    "Cool!" before I could say anything else a voice came over the speakers.

    "Please turn off all cell phones and any other devices; we are ready for take-off!" I turned off my phone. I wanted to ask her if she liked One Direction. If she didn't would she still want to talk to me? Also, what if she did and all she does was fan girl. I was hoping she did like us and that she would not fan girl.

    Now that I think about it more... I think I might have a CRUSH!


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