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i'll write imagines and preferences if you want me to write you a personal imagine tell me in the comments or i'll see it faster on kik.


2. liam for karlea

you were in park with your boyfriend liam celebrating your 1year anniversary and liam was stroking your hair with his fingers and you loved that, you loved him.

"i love you liam" you said looking into his eyes "i love you too karl" you loved how he shorten your name he was special and funny and you love that abut him too, he kissed you, you felt sparks all around the place and you stomach was doing a backflip, you were like dreaming like you two were the only two persons in the world you were so happy.

"ok love i'll pick this up and you can wait for me in the car" liam said but you wanted to help him "no love let  me help you" "no you are going to the car" " ok boss,love you" you said walking towards the car "love you too babe" you heard him said.

when you were going into the car you notice something weird but you didn't pay attention to that and just lock the door the next thing you remember is screaming for liam's help and liam running behind the car then everything went black.

you woke up in a different room you felt dizzy you didn't know whats was happening,until you remembered everything you started crying and sobbing you felt someone coming upstairs but you couldn't stop crying, the door bursted open and you saw that one person that had ruin your 1 year anniversary, that one person that you hated the most... it was your ex-boyfriend jacob.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE ,WHY DID YOU KIDNAPPED ME ARE YOU FREAKIN CRAZY" you shouted to him he just looked at you with a devil grin on his face, " BUT SAY SOMETHING DON'T JUST LOOK AT ME LIKE A FUCKING CREEP" he was walking towards you, you felt week and scared you wanted liam "shh shh don't yell, you haven't change you still are the most beautiful girl on earth" he said grabbing your face, you tired to put his hand away but he was to strong "remind me why did we broke up" he said "we didn't broke up you dumped me for that girl in the club" you said kind of sad because jacob was your first love "oh yes that girl, she was so annoying" he said looking at your face "but thats alright cause we can be together now" is he kidding after everything he did to you "ha ha you wish, if you didn't know i have a boyfriend now and he most be looking for me and if you don't care i wanna go and see him now" you said standing up "no no beautiful what are you doing sit down i wanna show you something" he said grabbing your arm and dragging you down stairs " you are hurting me" you said to him "if you behave i promise i'll let you go" "ok i'll behave" you told him because your arm was hurting to bad "ok i'm gonna show you, your dear boyfriend he was looking for you but he was to whats the word ummm stupid and i kidnapped him too he knows you are here but he can't do anything about it"what is he talking about, you felt tears in you eyes you were crying so hard "SHOW ME, LIAM LIAM LIAM" "shut up i'll take you to him wait" he said smiling, we entered the room beside the kitchen and inside it was liam, he was with blood everywhere and in the floor he looked like a baby, you were crying harder than ever in your life " what did you do to him" you went and sit beside liam " babe are you ok babe talk to me" "he wont talk" "WHY, WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM,WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM TELL ME" "he wont get in our way anymore" "WHY, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT" you were crying even harder "HE IS DEAD" "NOOOOOOO" 

"babe babe wake up it's just a nightmare " liam said , "liam you are ok" you said hugging him and kissing him "babe what happend it's ok now you are safe" "liam i love you, don't ever ever ever let me alone please" you told him and he hug you really tight "no babe it's ok i love you and i will never let you alone babe you are the best thing ever i love you" "i love you too babe " he kissed you and you kissed back then you went to eat ice cream and stayed all day cuddling and watching movies it was a perfect 1 year anniversary.



hi karlea hope you liked it it was kind of difficult to do, but i think i did it ok but if you don't like it let me know please.


people don't forget lo like/favorite and if you want me to do a personal imagine of you don't forget to write it in the comments or tell me in kik salolaya, and please write any ideas you have the boy and something about yourself.

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