Runaway Love

Okay Guys...... This wasnt wrote by me but my amazing co-owner char......

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this story is about a girl named jade.
you dont know her.....

but she is about to understand herself


9. Chapter 9. Shes proud of me...

I woke up that morning in the same position me and Justin fell asleep in. His body was warm and i could feel his steady heart beat. He was still asleep. I unwrapped my body from his and got up to get a glass of water. I turned the tap on to fill my glass but I think the noise woke him. Morning Justin I say as I walk over to him and sit next to him.

Morning beautiful he replied. He shot up out of the covers and gave me a hug. and whispers i don't want you to go in my ear. 
I put my glass down and snuggled into Justin.I had almost forgotten , today was the day I was going to move in with Scooter. Pattie came in looking alert. Oh my word , why are you two not ready we have to be at Scooters for 11. I looked at the time on Justin's Phone. 10 am.

It took at least 30 minutes to get to Scooters giving me and Justin 30 minutes to get ready. I got washed and changed faster than i can remember. Before I knew it I was buckled up in Justin's car ready to go. Justin please don't drive to fast , remember your mother is in the car said Pattie. I sat in the front with Justin while Pattie sat behind with my suitcase , the one I had bought when me and Pattie went on our shopping trip.

It was black with pink spots and a cute pink bow full to burst with all of my belongings. I have never owned so many items in all my life. We started to leave and Justin held my hand tightly as he drove. When we got there i steped out of Justin's car and walked behind the door of the car and started to tease Justin by fixing my hair in the reflection of the car.

Aye stop that said Justin giving me a light push. i took my case from Pattie and started slowly walking up to the door of Scooters house. Justin pressed the door bell and a few moments later Scooter opened the door with a welcoming smile. 

Scooter: Welcome , Jade come in 
Me: thanks 
Justin: aye scooter wazzup 
Scooter: The sky bro
Justin: No duhh 
Scooter:Jade why dont you go into your room with Justin and i go with pattie into the living room and talk dates for new york.

We did Just that. Me and Justin went upstairs into my room.

Justin: I really like your room
me: well it is mine and you cant have it
Justin: Cheeky ( giving me a soft kiss ) 

Aye Jade can i go on your laptop to check Twitter. Umm, sure. Justin went on twitter and started to compose a new tweet. 
is at @scooterbraun's house with my jade and mommy cant wait to be rocking new York next week #JustinLovesBeliebers 

me:Twitter looks so cool and woah how many follwers.
Justin: Well people like my stuff and we should make you an account
me: Okay you do it for me. 
Justin: I am not responsible for anything inappropriate put on this twitter account. 

Justin went ahead and made my account 
username: @JadeBraun 

me:Oh my gosh the password 
Justin:well you did tell me to make your account 
me: fairs 

Moments past and it was time for Pattie and Justin to leave. It was dark outside and it was the first time i had really been away from Justin. I looked up at the bright moon and stars and thought to myself the brightest one up there is Mom telling me how proud she is of me.

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