Runaway Love

Okay Guys...... This wasnt wrote by me but my amazing co-owner char......

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this story is about a girl named jade.
you dont know her.....

but she is about to understand herself


8. Chapter 8. he means the world to me...

want to see your new bedroom said scooter. I have a room. Well obviously said scooter sarcastic. We all headed upstairs and walked into this Big room painted with white and blue. I have never had my own room before when i was younger i shared with my parents and when i got bigger i slept on the sofa. Oh my gosh i love it i blurted out. You even have your own laptop pointed out Pattie. Yeah Justin will have to teach me how to use it. 

Pattie's P.O.V 
scooter lets speak outside for a minute. we headed outside leaving Justin and Jade in Jade's room. You've done a great job with her bedroom she she seems so happy since you have come into her life. anyway i came to ask you for the meeting dates....

Jade's P.O.V
hey look , you have a guitar said Justin picking up my pink and blue guitar. Hey i wrote you a song it goes a bit like this
♫ when jade smiles i smile..♫ Cheezy but i think you might already have a song like that i say as he igves me puppy dog eyes. I really do love you said Justin hugging me tight. I love you to Justin. Pattie comes back in with Scooter. It's time to go says pattie. I look at scooter and say thanks for tonight and thanks for my room it means a lot.

When we got back Pattie said she was tierd and headed straight to bed leaving me with Justin. Can you stay here with me tonight Justin? i asked. Sure said Justin.
I really wanted to speak with Justin Tonight i was Just so worried about everything and i dont know why. I am looking forward to living with Scooter but im gunna miss waking up to Justin in the morning. We stayed up all night talking. Just me and Justin i told him how i felt. Its all going to be okay , what your feeling is normal and you will wake up by me again because were going to New York together and i promise im always going to be right here. I will come see you everyday and ill phone you each night. You could even put posters of me in your room. His words were comforting. That Night i fell asleep in his arms for the first time. Justin means the world to me.

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