Runaway Love

Okay Guys...... This wasnt wrote by me but my amazing co-owner char......

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this story is about a girl named jade.
you dont know her.....

but she is about to understand herself


6. Chapter 6. best night of my life

I looked into Justin's brown- Hazel eyes and whispered yes. A cute smile swept across Justin face as he embraced me in his arms and started to tickle me behind my ear witch made me leap on to his lap , you could tell this is exactly what he wanted. He held me tight and whispered in my i ear i will never let go. 

Pattie came in a said getting a bit comfortable in here are we. Me and Justin went red in the face. Dating? asked pattie. Um.. yeah said Justin. Pattie seemed happy but it looked like there wasn't something i was being told. Pattie left leaving me and Justin alone again. Justin where cousins! i blurted out. wait.. what? asked Justin.

well where not cousins the media Just think we are from what your Mom said yesterday. Oh so we gotta keep us quiet. Yeah if that a problem we dont have to like yanno....... Jade your the girl of my dreams , the moment i laid eyes on you i knew you where the one for me. Every time you walked in the room i got butterfly's in my stomach.

Your the reason im smiling. I love you. I wont let the media stop me because what we have is special and i want this to be a forever thing. When he said that i felt like i was in a fairy tale , i knew i loved him. That night Justin said he was taking me out but he said wrap up so i did. Pattie had got me some new cloths so i wore patterned woolly leggings with a knitted cardigan and of coerce the bracelet Justin gave me.

 When we Both left it was dark out so this gave Justin a chance to use his cheezy line. I best hold your hand so you dot get lost. But i went with it and let him take my hand. When we got to where Justin was taking me he said i know its not much but i just like to come here to let out steam and just to relax. I love it. Justin went over and sat on the swings and told me to come over to him. I sat on the swing by him but he got up and took both my hands and sat on the other swing so i was in front of him.

Sit on my lap babe. But im to fat. What .. no your the thinnest girl i know he said whilst pushing my hair away from my face. i did as he said and sat on his lap with my legs wrapped around him so we where facing each other. I Love you Jade Braun. said Justin whilst smiling. Wait what. Scooter said he will foster you , so you can come to new York with us. I want you a part of my life we all do. So scooter will be my new Dad. Pretty much said Justin.

I cant wait i love you so much justin held my chin up and started to give me a gentle kiss when suddenly his phone buzzed in his pocket. who's that Justin i asked. Its mommy he said. She says she thinks its time we got home.
We both headed home , well back to the tour bus. This was the best night of my life by far.

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