Runaway Love

Okay Guys...... This wasnt wrote by me but my amazing co-owner char......

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this story is about a girl named jade.
you dont know her.....

but she is about to understand herself


5. Chapter 5. Jade.... will you....

pattie's P.O.V

scooter can we have a word outside please i mouthed to him. Back in a minute I shouted to Justin and Jade and went outside with scooter. What is it? Scooter asked. Well you know Jade , i have been thinking where touring and when we go to New York she wont be able to come as she dosant have a passport , but we cant leave her so what can we do. fostering said scooter. I gave him a puzzled look.

One of us have to become Jade's legal guardian and i would happily do it , Jade is a lovely girl that i would be proud to call my own said scooter. It wont be that easy scooter we need to get the police.

Wait.. why asked scooter. Jade's farther is still her legal guardian and she wont go back to him , so we have to contact the police who will more thank likely arrest him for child abuse , Jade is only 16.

if that what it takes then okay said scooter as we headed inside. 

Jade's P.O.V 

After lunch Justin went Back to recording , witch left me with scooter. So Scooter suggested we play a little game , who ever can distract Justin well he is recording wins. Scooter went first he started doing one of those embarrassing Dad dances but he failed to distract Justin as he had his eyes closed tightly as he sang passionately into the mic.

It was now my turn. I took of my heels to show Scooter I was getting serious and walked right into the recording room and wrapped my arms around Justin and rested my head on his shoulder and he let out a little giggle. I won I mouthed to scooter. What was that for?

asked Justin , Just for being you I said and walked out.

After we where done in the recording studio we all headed back to the bus. I was so tiered i fell asleep the moment i laid down on the bed Pattie made for me on the sofa. I woke up to Justin stroking my hair. I looked up at him smiled and sat up. I got you something well you where sleeping said Justin in a shy voice. What is it? i asked.

Justin pulled out i white box and handed it to me. I opened it. Inside was a beautiful silver bracelet with forever on. Wow Justin i really didn't expect this. Well you better get used to it , Jade.. will you be my girl?

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