Runaway Love

Okay Guys...... This wasnt wrote by me but my amazing co-owner char......

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this story is about a girl named jade.
you dont know her.....

but she is about to understand herself


4. Chapter 4. He tried to guess my name....

Me and Justin had such fun over breakfast , who knew that Justin could cook. i left him trying to guess my name while i went out and talked to Pattie. What has Justin done to you she said whilst laughing. witch made me laugh. Pattie said she had me some cloths but if id rather been seen it Justins hoodie then i can.

The cloths she gave me where beautiful and brand new to , a pair of pure white jeans with a cute orange top and some killer high heels. i showered and walked into the living room , if you could call it that its just the front of the tour bus. Justin was playing temple run on his i pod when looked up at me and lost concentration ..WOW he muttered under his breath i just smiled and looked at the floor. I wasn't used to this kind of attention from a guy.

I went and sat by Justin who let me play on temple run it was funny because I had never even been on a i pod let alone play a game on one.Justin laughed at me and said here let me help you as he grabbed hold of my had and guided it across the screen. someone quietly knocked at the door and pattie came running in saying that must be Ryan. He is early. Who is ryan i asked Justin .. my stylist he replied with a check me out smirk on his face. Pattie opened the door and ryan came it holding a crate of make-up. You could of brushed your hair Justin said Ryan , well yanno said Justin looking embarrassed. Pattie asked ryan if he could do my make-up i looked shocked and as he was doing it Pattie came and sat in the same room eating breakfast. Is their lots of pap's out there Ryan.

Just the normal lot he said. Okay then Jade your Justin's cousin on a visit , just go with it and don't answer them. where are we going i asked. Just into the recording studio so Justin can work on some songs. Sound good. Hell yeah it is i heard Justin call from another room. 
We where ready to head out Justin put his hood up and walked beside this big man .. kenny i think and i walked behined between Scooter and Pattie they where asking endless questions about who i was but i didnt anser , pattie did she replied just a cousin a kept on walking. When we finaly got into the recording room Justin came over to me and gave me a hug , what was that for i asked im so sorry for the paparazzi he said.

i cant be helped i replied. he recorded one song , as long as you love me i think it was and then went to scooter and said i refuse to carry on if you don't get me and Jade a McDonald's Scooter just went with it and took people's orders but when it came to me said just get me what Justin has ive never had their food before.

Justin look so shocked. But when the food came i almost died , its was amazing i had been missing out on so much.

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