Runaway Love

Okay Guys...... This wasnt wrote by me but my amazing co-owner char......

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this story is about a girl named jade.
you dont know her.....

but she is about to understand herself


33. Chapter 33. my life is perfect...

I stepped out of the cab onto the cold stone floor. The sound of chirping birds among the winter breeze. I turned my head to Justin with open arms. It was time to be strong. Come here said Justin pulling me into a hug. I hugged back tight. My heart was beating fast as we walked along the pathway up to the white airbrushed door. I ran my saw fingers across the paint work before clasping the golden door handle. I turned it but however it was locked. I grabbed the knocker and gave a small bang. I took 2 paces back and Justin wrapped his arms around my neck. It was Pattie who opened the door. She had red eyes with bags. It was clear she had been crying. She stood there open mouthed. I stepped away signalling Justin to hug his mother. I felt tears. the moment was strong. After Pattie was done hugging Justin she turned to me. She clasped me in her arms the same way my own mother once had and whispered in my ear. Jade your a angel. We steeped in the house and scooter was sat in the living room. The moment he laid eyes on me and Justin he shot up from his seat and hugged us both tight at the same time. Pattie lead Justin to the kitchen to make everyone hot Chocolate leaving me alone with Scooter. I took a seat near to him and began twiddling my thumbs. Scooter came and sat nearer wrapping his arm around me. 

Scooter: Can I have a explanation now princess 
Me: Do you really want one?
Scooter: Its not that I want one... but I need one. 
Me: It was all Jason's fault 
Scooter: where did he take you? 
Me: Im not to sure. A abandoned house outside new York 
Scooter: Alright. did he do anything there 
Me: We slept there. Giving him time to plot the bombing. 
Scooter: What Bombing 
Me: The hotel 
Scooter: He failed 
Me: Oh tank goodness 
Scooter: It was you who made him fail 
Me: How? 
Scooter: You told me and Pattie to stay away from the basment 
Me: Yeah, Thats where Jason was
Scooter: The police arrested him. We where able to tell them where he was because of you
Me: Really? 
Scooter: Yeah. You angel.

At that moment Justin came back in with Pattie and of course some hot chocoate. I took my mug gratefully from Justin. It was good to have a home comfort. I led back and Scooter put some films on. We where together again. My life is Perfect.

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