Runaway Love

Okay Guys...... This wasnt wrote by me but my amazing co-owner char......

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this story is about a girl named jade.
you dont know her.....

but she is about to understand herself


31. Chapter 31. The sun rose...

The sun rose and another day in paradise began. Justin was already awake , his eyelashes fluttering but no other movement. I sat up and let out a morning stretch Justin remained a statue. I ran my fingers through his spiky morning hair causing him to look up at me. Words remained unspoken as Justin took his turn to sit up. I took my chance and spoke the first words of the day. 

Me: Morning Juju 
Justin: Morning 

It was just a simple good morning but the way his voice shook was enough to tell today was going to be a hard one.

Me: Wanna look for food? 
Justin: Na id rather find a airport
Me: Okay.

Justin let out a cough. Anyone could tell he wasn't used to all this. Then again neither was I. Truth is im not as strong as I come across. But I was going to pull it together today for Justin's sake.

Me: Shall we go
Justin: Yep

We got up and headed onto the streets. I looked up at the street signs. One read Airport pointing forwards with a little silhouette of a plane. I took Justins hand as we headed towards the Airport. The morning was quiet, Just the odd passer by. Finally we arrived. We walked in still uncertain of how we where going to purchase out tickets.
Justin was looking around as if he where lost. 

Justin: i have been here before
Me: Really?
Justin: Yeah. Im sure if we the go to the desk they will have scooters bank details. 
Me: Its worth a shot. 

We approached the desk and Justin did some talking with the woman there. Just like Justin had suggested they had Scooters bank details and we where able to board the plane in just 3 hours. 
We had to wait in one of those rooms again for the plane to be ready. Just our luck Paparazzi. 

Me: Justin ... Look towards the door.
Justin: Why? why are they here. Just my luck 

they came over flashing there big money cameras in our faces. Asking us endless questions on our where about. We answered none...untill I got an idea. I began whispering to Justin. 

Me: Aye If we say how happy we are to be on our way home. They are 100% sure to right an article about it. Giving everyone a good impersonation. 
Justin: Lets do it

Pap: So where have you been
Me: Not far. I just got a bit lost in new york. Ooopsie. where on our way home now. 

The conversation went on until we could board the plane. But when we did finally board it was such a relief. The seats where comfy and i was able to get some real sleep. Finally we where on lour way home

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