Runaway Love

Okay Guys...... This wasnt wrote by me but my amazing co-owner char......

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this story is about a girl named jade.
you dont know her.....

but she is about to understand herself


3. Chapter 3. P.S. i think im falling for justin....

jade's P.O.V 

i felt a hand gently touch my right shoulder and looked up to see a small dark haired woman i looked up at he as she asked me if i was okay.. i could hardly speak because i was so out of breath but she told me it's all going to be all right my name is Pattie.

i gave her a smile to reassure her i was great full for her kindness and i told her all that happened. She took my hand and said come with me you must be freezing and she lead me onto the bus and said it's okay everyone is sleeping. I was so great full for her help. She gave me some warm blankets and a fresh glass of water nothing like the one i have in my bag.

Pattie told me about how her son was Justin and scooter where on the bus and when i asked her if she meant the famous Justin Bieber she said yes. that night i fell asleep on the sofa in the bus and woke to Justin in the kitchen making pancakes. i quickly sat up and justin walked over and sat close to me and said everything's gunna be all right my mom told me what happened and im hear for you.

i was shocked i had barley known them 5 minutes and yet they had gave me a bed to sleep on and are offering me full support. But for that moment i didnt see Justin as a big celebrity but as a new friend. Justin said you must be starving why don't you go change and ill cook you a nice big breakfast but i had to tell him i don't have any other cloths and said wait there with a cheeky smile on his face and went into what i think was his bedroom and came back out holding a grey hoodie and said put this on so i did as i was told and put it on it was a tad to big , but being so poor i was used to little things like this.

Justin laughed and said you look so cute. i looked at him and laughed he came over to me and pulled me close and gently placed his fingers under each letter and said young money money ... billionaire. So thats what it means i said clicking my fingers and reaching for my bag to get my water bottle. Ayyeee justin yelled taking my bottle and handing me a bottle of strawberry vitamin water and saying drink this it will help you get your strength back after the night you have had.

Thanks Justin i said whilst laughing.

dear diary

not only have justin and Pattie got back my confidence i had before my mum died but are helping me get my strength back. i could never be more happy and great full

ps i think im falling for Justin.

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