Runaway Love

Okay Guys...... This wasnt wrote by me but my amazing co-owner char......

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this story is about a girl named jade.
you dont know her.....

but she is about to understand herself


27. Chapter 27. Goodnight princess...

It was just me Justin a load of sand, dust and space. 

Justin: This is killing me 
Me: I know baby. there's a small shack shop soon.
Justin: Oh Joy 
Me: that reminded me how much battery does your phone have. 
Justin: None. The things dead.
Me: Okay i need to ring your Mom to say ive found you.
Justin: Okay baby do it now. 

I dialled my phone and prayed to catch signal. Lucily i found some. 

Me: He pattie i found Justin where safe and together now.
Pattie: Oh Jade you little saint
Me: Where doing fine. We will find our way home soon. Cont worry about us. I have to go now because of my battery but me and Justin love you bye. 
Pattie: Bye dear. I love you. 

The phone line went dead. I could see tears forming in Justin's eyes however i didn't say anything as i didn't want him to feel embarrassed.
We both kept walking hand in hand until we came across a small shop. I had very little money witch I had to make last between the both of us. We both walked in. The man at the counter didn't even acknowledge Justin Bieber walking into his store. Yanno it's not like the worlds most famous kid just walked in? I picked up 2 bottles of water and some sandwiches. and left. 

Justin: Do you know what we should do now? 
Me: No what? 
Justin: A water chugging competition.
Me: Are you for real. 
Justin: Yeah me and scooter have them. You see i dont really like drink enough water so we have a little health competition.
Me: water chugging competiton ...i dunno? 
Justin: why? scared you will loose. 
Me: what! No 
Justin: Then its on 
Me hell yeah. 

1.2.3. and me and Justin where chugging down that water like no tomorrow. It felt good the cold icy water touching my dry thirsty through. 

Me: I so beat you! 
Justin: Did not. 

Justin picked me up by my waist and tethered to chuck me into the nearest river if i did not crown him as the King of water chugging. Its getting quite late now andmy eyes are starting to drop. I wrapped Justin's arm around my shoulder as we walked.

Me: Justy im tiered 
Justin: Glad you said that because so am i.
Me: awww 
Justin: wanna stop for sleep. 
Me: please 
Justin Lets go over there it looks cosy. 

Your definition of cosy changes where your in the middle of no where. It was only some grass under the stars with a few trees dotted around but i suppose it was better than nothing. Justin led down and i rest my head on his chest. I didn't need a pillow i had Justin. 

Justin: There is nothing like us 
Me: what do you mean by that babe? 
Justin: Me and you together. 
Me: naww 
Justin: It just seems different with you.
Me: I love you
Justin: i love you more 

Justin lent over and gently kissed my fore head and whispered Goodnight princess into my ear.

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