Runaway Love

Okay Guys...... This wasnt wrote by me but my amazing co-owner char......

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this story is about a girl named jade.
you dont know her.....

but she is about to understand herself


26. Chapter 26. Its all ive ever known...

I hung up on Justin not wanting to waste any time looking for him. Not to mention my phone was nearly dead. I walked and walked until I could see a shadow of a young man . I waste sure it was Justin. I used all my energy and ran to him. It was Justin all right but he didn't seem his normal self. His face was cut and slanted of and awkward angle. He seemed life less. 

Justin: Jade... 
Me: Baby are you okay. 
Justin: I'm fine chick come here. 

Justin shot up and pulled me into his arms. We had found each other now and I wouldn't leave him for the world.We had nothing but each other not a drop of water between us. But the look in his eyes seemed to say 'We will get through this' 

Justin: Sweetie your freezing. 
Me: Yeah well I had a feeling jason microchipped my spy jacket. 
Justin: Jason? what your psycho brother? 
Me: yup he kidnapped me last night ....
Justin: Oh Jade i wish i was with you
Me: I was okay Justin he scared me a bit that's all. Worse has happened. 
Justin: Okay. put this on. I brought it in case I found you. 

Justin handed me my bed time cardigan. It was warm and smelt like Justin witch was very comforting.Me and Justin linked hands and started walking one way and suddenly my gun fell from my pocket. 

Justin: Jade... you dropped something. 
Me: oopsie 
Jusin: so it's just oopsie, No explanation as to why you have a gun.
Me: Its mine i had it science i was little 9 if i remember rightly. Jason knew he would of found me so he gave me my gun back. No biggie. 
Justin: that's a fucking gun Jade not toy. 
Me: I know it's just for protection. 
Justin: Im your protection now.Pass it ill look after it.
Me: all right.
Justin: You handle that thing so easily. 
Me: Well its all ive ever known.

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