Runaway Love

Okay Guys...... This wasnt wrote by me but my amazing co-owner char......

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this story is about a girl named jade.
you dont know her.....

but she is about to understand herself


23. Chapter 23. Have you seen Jade?...

The crowd was cheering my name. I felt scenes of pride shiver down my body. I chucked my sweat towel into the audience and watched it get swept away by a sea of screaming fans. I ran of stage to change for my en-core and yes I was singing 'baby'. I ran to scooter for a guy hug. But no one backstage was dancing. Scooter looked as if he was looking for something that wasn't there. Me: Wazzup scoot. Scooter: have you seen Jade!? Me: Not since the start of the show why? Scooter: OH MY GOD Scooter ran of outside. I needed an answer and I was going to get one. I went over and saw my Mom she was speaking to kenny so i quickly approached them. Me: Have any of you seen Jade? Kenny: Nope where looking for her now Mom: where waiting for the police Justin. this is serious no one has seen her for over an hour. Me: Kenny go back to the hotel and look. Mom go outside with Scooter and help him. I went on stage and sang baby. I ran off stage. The only people backstage were the crew leaving for the after party. I left my own concert alone. The cold breeze hit me and I stopped for a moment. Tears went down my face and I checked my phone. No calls . No texts. I could see flashing lights. I instantly knew it was the paps waiting on my appearance. I ignored them and carried on walking towards the golden limo i had booked to take Jade to the after party. A small date just for us. I was not in floods of tears and had to struggle to speak to the driver. Me: To the hotel please Driver: Yes Mr Bieber It felt like forever driving to the hotel. I turned of the music and buried my head deep into my hands and drifted into my own bubble. When I finally reached the hotel there where no paparazzi. I was expected to be at the after party with Jade. I went into the hotel Lobby to find kenny at the reception. Come here buddy said kenny with sympathy. Usually i would call it a guy hug. But this time I needed a shoulder to cry on. So kenny gave me a warm hug and i explained to him that i couldn't find Jade. Kenny: I have set up a police search throughout New York. Your mum said she will stay searching but she wants you to get some sleep. Me: How can i sleep? My baby girl is out there alone and she needs me. Kenny: Dont speak like that Justin. Jade is a strong girl.I have to look for her. I tried my best to dash past Kenny. But he was to powerful. He pushed me away by my shoulders and led me to my room. I went into mine and Jades hotel room and sat on our bed. She could be anyway where i thought to myself. I sat on my bed and reached into my pocket and pulled out a gold cross that was meant for Jade and said some prayers in it. Please bring my baby back to me.
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