Runaway Love

Okay Guys...... This wasnt wrote by me but my amazing co-owner char......

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this story is about a girl named jade.
you dont know her.....

but she is about to understand herself


22. Chapter 22. I can't do this...

I was scared. Not just for my life but for Justin's life to. My heart was beating fast and by breathing pace rapidly increased.By now Justin or someone would have noticed I was missing.My poor Justin looking for me. Scooter and Pattie calling my name in the streets of New York. Kenny cheeking the hotel. Oi Jade that's your bed sleep and i will wake you in the morning said Jason pushing me towards a old scabby looking bed. I sat cautiously on the edge of the bed and watched Jason walk out carelessly and lock me in. I was petrified. I had nothing i had left my phone at the hotel. I said a prayer for Justin and the team and collapsed onto the bed. Right about now i should be falling asleep in Justin's arms back in our hotel room. But no , i was kidnapped by my brother. Morning quickly approached I did not sleep one bit. I stayed up all night praying for Justin's safety. Jason unlocked my door and walked in Jason: Put this on Me: Please don't make me do this Jason: Get used to it. We are doing this and you cant stop it I did as Jason ordered and changed. I didn't think much of this black outfit but i changed into it not wanting Jason to harm me.I wasn't scared of him I was just scared of what he might do. Jason came back in and grabbed my arm and dragged me into the van. You will need this he said passing me a bag of bombs. I opened it and quickly put my gun in as i couldn't bare the site of it. I looked at myself in the wind mirror reflection. I had cryed all of my make-up of i slouched in my seat and my belly started to rumble. Me: Jason , do you have any food Jason: Nope but smoke this Me: But that's illegal Jason: Do I look as if I give a shit Me: but it's weed ? I smoked it as Jason drove. It tasted all horrible but it relaxed me a little. God the events of last night could make you smoke a pound. We finally reached the back of the hotel and my nerves kicked in. I couldn't do this. I was so scared
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