Runaway Love

Okay Guys...... This wasnt wrote by me but my amazing co-owner char......

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this story is about a girl named jade.
you dont know her.....

but she is about to understand herself


20. Chapter 20. his voice was perfect...

The plane ride was okay. Yes the landing made my stomach drop but it was okay. All me and Justin talked about on the way to the hotel was Madison Square Garden tonight and how he would be rocking the worlds most famous venue tonight! Over 33 million girls wanted to have my boyfriend. But he was mine. He makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. We arrived at the hotel Just hours before the concert. Justin was whisked away by Scooter leaving me to unpack our things. There was one thing Justin forgot to tell me. We where sharing a room and a double bed. Fair enough seeing as the trip was booked before they even knew I existed. I unpacked our things and headed to Pattie's room where Ryan, Justin's stylist was doing Pattie's make-up. I got changed into a blue mini dress with black decoration and had my make-up hair, and nails done by Ryan. I felt like a princess. Pattie: Oh Jade, You look beautiful Me: Naww, thanks so you Pattie: We should have a picture Me: Lets do it Pattie: Ryan. Do you mind taking a picture of me and Jade? Ryan took our picture and we headed to MSG. I was so exited for Justin.This was the first time i had seen Justin perform so he better leave a good impersonation. We headed out using Ryan's rental car. I had a chance to see a piece of New York on the way. Yellow taxies filled the road with the sound of rushing people and the odd Belieber dying to get a glimpse of Justin.When we arrived we had to take cover. It was the paps and there camera's as usual. They had figured out that me and Justin are not cousins and are dating. What took the so long i thought to myself. When we reached backstage i looked around for Justin. I could suddenly feel eyes on me. Justin's eye's I turned around and saw my boy staring at me open mouthed. Justin: Jade you look ...WOW Me: aww thanks Justin good luck Justin: Thanks you babe i love you Me: I love you more , Now go do your thing Justin blew me a kiss and headed on stage. He went under the platform and popped up. The sound of screaming beliebers filled the venue and Justin began to sing. His voice was perfect.
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