Runaway Love

Okay Guys...... This wasnt wrote by me but my amazing co-owner char......

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this story is about a girl named jade.
you dont know her.....

but she is about to understand herself


18. Chapter 18. I wasn't meant to be...

Me: I suppose we could go downstairs Justin: Are you sure? Me: Yeah .. it's just you Dad and siblings Jazzy: And me! Me: And you cutie Justin: Come on then We headed downstairs and i went and sat between Pattie and Justin. Jazzy crawled on Justin's lap. Jeremy: So you must be Jade Me: yeah. I don't usually plan on meeting people looking like this. Jeremy: It's fine. This is a surprise visit before you all leave for New York. Justin: Cant wait 2 days! Me: So exited MSG Justin: Sold out Jeremy: Thats my boy We all stayed up late Just talking I really like Jazzy and Jaxon. Jaxon climbed onto my lap and fell asleep in my arms. The sweetest thing ever. Meeting a small part of Justin family really helps. I wasn't meant to be a McCann. Im to soft hearted. I don't plant bombs and run from the police. I Hate Jason but if anyone was to hurt him i would care. I could still see that 8 year old boy playing games with me when i was younger.
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