Runaway Love

Okay Guys...... This wasnt wrote by me but my amazing co-owner char......

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this story is about a girl named jade.
you dont know her.....

but she is about to understand herself


16. chapter 16. I'm sorry...

Me: we cant Just sit here Justin. Im going to pass out Justin: We need to get you to hospital. Like now! Me and Justin left leaving Scooter and Pattie behind. Justin drove with speed to the hospital. I sent Scooter a text saying that me and Justin went out for ice cream and would be back soon. The last thing i needed was a worried Foster Dad. We got out the car and a collapsed on the floor. Justin: Shit! Jade are you okay? Me: I feel fine. It's Just my legs feel so week. Justin: It doesn't take a genius to tell you have lost a lot of blood. Im gunna have to carry you. Justin carried me carefully into A&E and spoke to the woman at the desk. People started to take pictures , If i was in my usual state i would have flipped out but i didn't have the energy. Justin didnt seem fazed by people taking pictures. Guess he was used to it. we were led straight to a doctor. Justin was told to leave me so he did just that. Justins P.O.V I left Jade with the doctor. I didnt want tobut i was for her own good. my phone buzzed it was a phone call from scooter. Me: Aye scooter Scooter: Justin dont mess me about where are you. I have seen Jades bathroom. Me: A&E Scooter: why? Me: If you had seen her bathroom you would have seen the blood on the floor. Scooter: I dont know what is going on but me and Pattie are on our way and i want a reasonable explanation. *Scooter hangs up* I wiped the tears from my eyes away. Jade came out looking lost. They had given her cuts stitches. I hate seeing my princess like this. Jade's P.O.V My cuts where stinging. The doctor had given me stitches. Justin: Can i have a explination Me: How? Justin: Tell me your real name. It might help me understand Me: Jade Justin: last name Me: *whisper* McCann Justin: Jade McCann. Are you anything to do with that psycho Jason McCann. Me: My twisted Brother Justin: sorry Me: don't be the kids twisted he bombed a funeral. Pattie and scooter came rushing into A&E looking breathless. Scooter went of to speak with Justin leaving me to speak with Pattie. Pattie: Why? your so beautiful Me: It's not that. Pattie: it's okay you dont need to tell me. Me: How do you know it going to be okay Pattie: Because i cut when i was your age to. Justins P.O.V scooter: i brought this. Justin: Inappropriate time Scooter: Why? Justin: Why ill give it her later. It's just a promise ring any way.

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