Hi im Scarlet I dont really care for last names so I wont say mine I will just say everything changed when iI met him on the plane, while I was on the run from my cyco "dad" and abusive "mom"


3. The House


               We pulled up to the biggesthouse I have ever seen then I remembered that they were One Direction. So we got out of the car and walked up to the house  and I froze when we stepped through the door there was a lady standing there she ran over and she ran up to Louis and started to hug him and kiss on him

"Wow, we broke up like 3 moths ago Eleanor, so could you please leave" he said taking charge

"Um well then I think I sould leave you to handle this" I said as I started to walk ot the door but then for the second time my waist was grabbed by someone but this time it was Zayn


"Yes really" they said in their cute accents

"Fine I'll stay as long as the tramp from The Princess and The Tramp leaves", after I made that comment she sceamed something at Louis in french or something and ran out the door

"And your welcome" I said as they all stared at me

"Well you didnt look like you wanted her here so i took care of the problem I said as I popped one of the cherries that I had in my bag into my mouth

"Well then what are we doing now?" I said as I took the cherry stem that I had tied in my mouth out of my mouth

"You must be a very good kisser'' Harry said with a devilish grin on his face

''Well then you must really need to'' I said as I got closer to him and as I stopped centimeters from his face I said ''Shut up'' all the boys busted out laughing even Harry. After our little laugh section we all went aorund the house looking for a free room. When we finally found one it was about 12. We all were down stairs enjoyin a movie when i see something strange coming from the kitchen,  i got up and walked in. When i saw a dark figure come at me i went with instinct and fought back, but he was faster than me he pulled out a knife a i felt warm blood come out of my side he had cut deep, but i was used to pain so i came bac fightin, i caught him of guard so i took the oppertunity to get the knife out of his hands and throw it somewhere then i easily pushed a pressure point on his neck and he passed out, hitting the floor with a load THUD.

Thats wheni saw that the boys were standing in the doorway, they had seen the whole thing


"What the hell was that" louis said

"Self defence?"

"That sure as hell was not self defence" harry said. The as i was about to reply Niall got this terrified look on his face

"Scarlet your bleeding" he said as he pointed at my ribcage

"So what"

"It looks really bad" he said as he pushed me out the door to the front door and into his car the boys following

"Owwwww you do know this hurts right?" i said as we pulled up to the hospital

bout 3 hours later

"Ok well he seemed to get deeper than the ribs and it almost got into her stomach but gladly it didnt and  im sorry to  be the one o tell you this but she is







Authors Note


Oh no whats it gonna be? well i am gonna be publishing a knew movella soon so i just wanted to tell you oh and if you want me to read any of your movellas just leave me a comment and i will try my best to check it out. LOVE YA MY LITTLE CHICKIES


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