Hi im Scarlet I dont really care for last names so I wont say mine I will just say everything changed when iI met him on the plane, while I was on the run from my cyco "dad" and abusive "mom"


2. The Cute Boys


   "Ok question, why does it seem like I've seen you before?" I asked them, then it hit me they were One Direction

"Oh well this is acward" I said as i was rocking back and forth on my heals

"I beter go anyways, I have to go and find a place to stay so maybe I'll see you around" I said just trying to cut the weirdness between everyone. I started to walk outside when I felt strong arms grab my waist, I was about to scream when the person started to talk

"You dont need a place to stay when you are staying with me" Louis said in a strange tough guy kind of tone

"Are you trying to flirt again?" i said in my sweetest tone

"maybe and maye not your just gonna have to come with me to find out" he said in a suductive tone, I couldnt resist the offer

"I'll go with on one condition"

"And that would be" the one named Harry said

"You cant spend a penny on me"

"Deal" and we shook on it

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