Hi im Scarlet I dont really care for last names so I wont say mine I will just say everything changed when iI met him on the plane, while I was on the run from my cyco "dad" and abusive "mom"


1. the chase

       I cant take this anymore i screamed at my "parents" i ran to my room gathered my bag and the money i had made when they pulled me out of "school" 3 months ago, i wasnt really going to school but they didnt have to know that school had ended 2 years ago for me so i had gotten little jobs that made me a lot of money.


I ran out the door not knowing where to go i just kept running i heard footsteps behind me and immedaitly knew i was my


 "dad" luckily i ran faster than him i just kept running until i got to the heart of the city (Sidney, Ausralia) also known as the airport but i looked at it like it was the light of the sun to me, it was my ticket out of this hell hole of my life. I ran inside and to the lady, i quicktly asked when the closest flight was leaving, she said in 5 minutes but that it would be bourding in 15, i asked her where it was going and she said London, "Get me a ticket please!" i said to her "ok that will be 300 euros" i handed her the money and ran to security. When the time finally came to board i got on the plane in a hurry hoping that my "dad" hadnt seen me. As i searched for my seat i saw the strangest thing i saw someone with really blond hair and sort of pale skin, si immedeatly i knew he wasnt from here because everyone from here was tan or sunburnt, i shok the thought out of my mind thinking tourist. I found my seat. I was seated next to a cute guy with beautiful blue eyes, he was wearing a striped shirt and his hair looked like he just waved his hands throught it to make it look messy, next to him was a really tall guy he looked like 5'10 he had curly hair that was really cute and gorgeouse green eyes, next to him was a equaly cute guy his hair was shaved but his eyes were an amazing brown i could get lost in them, ok scarlet enough with the boy crazyness.


"hey do you know where in London this plane is landing" i asked hoping not to sound too stupid
"well I think it lands in some small part of London where there is a lot of crimes and rapes, but maybe i could help you get to where your going?"
"Go lou" said the guy sitting next to him

"this is harry, and im louis"

" and im Liam" the boy at the end of the row stated matter of factly

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