Finding Love.....?

Follow Machenzie Whitterfield, Julia Franchez and Blake Johnson as they make their own ways throguh life, discovering what men are really like in their brief encounters. Its the two questions that float between these girl's minds, Do I Love Him? and Is he trustworthy? Read to find out!


1. Machenzie Whitterfield

Machenzie Whitterfield

I don't know why but I need those new Prada boots! Well who wouldn't want those gorgeous shiny leather boots? A crazy person or whatever! My point is, is that I need them! I try ringign Daddy one more time but yet again, he hangs up. He knows I'm chasing him for the boots and I think he's glad that I'm in the next county, or country, whatever! I need them! This is the one time where my god-like boyfriend won't step in and grow a pair! Ugh!! Why can't someone just rack up a simple lump of cash, its not even that much!

I hop out of the yellow cab at Tiffany and Co. and admire their window display, ever since watching Mr. Selfridge on TV, I realised that I should pay a lot of attention on window displays. This one is shiny and clean, the glass is perfectly clean and I look at my reflection. I pout at my blond hair, I lovvveee my hair! Who doesn't! Except for those stupid poor people who only get their hair done every six weeks! And it shows babe! I don't know why people walk away from me when I tell them their hair is a mess or their makeup is bad, I'm only telling them so they won't have to face the embarassment of going outside like that! I mean, I would want someone to tell me if my hair is out of place and right now it is!  

I hobble in the store, my black Louis Vuittons are slipping slightly on the polished floors. I run/limp to the nearest mirror and fix my bob of curls. My blond hair isn't natural but I tell everyone that it is, not that anyone cares. Geoff, my idiot of a boyfriend, doesn't even care! I mean, my hair is precious! My little baby, Puffers, licks me happily whenever I go talking about my hair. Puffers is my baby poodle and is adorable! Not as much as me but cute enough!

The sales lady walks over to me, "Are you okay there?" I try not to snap but who cares, she picked this job! "Of course I am!" She reluctantly stays there, watching me in the mirror. I raise my eyebrows, "Yes?" Has she not got the clue that I don't want her? I'm in a bad mood enough as it is without her beign here! "Oh! I was just thinking! I'd love to be as beautiful as you are!" I don't know if this is her saleswoman voice speaking but either way, I know I'm beautiful, I don't need to be told. I hold back a snort as they are highly un-ladylike, instead I turn on my heel and walk out.

After finishing up with that stupid salesworker, I continue my daily shopping trip through New York City. I live here in a penthouse suite with my stupid but hot boyfriend, Geoff. I know I've probably gone over in my head all kinds of ways of introducing him to people but I always come up with another that beats the best. I lug the heavy shopping bags in my hands along the avenues. A little girls walks up to me, "Oh my god! Are you Perrie Edwards?!" I turn to her, what did she say? "Perrie who?!" She looks at me in confusion, "Perrie Edwards?" I've never even heard of this Perrie girl, "Eh no!" She nods her head and runs to catch up with her mom, who the hell is this Edwards girl and why do I look like her?

I swipe my card in the elavator and sigh heavily, dropping the shopping bags on the ground. Long day of shopping, the only thing that I need right now is a trip to the spa downstairs. The elavator skips a few floors bringing me directly to the fifteenth floor, my penthouse, well our. Geoff, the git, is lying on the white leather couch watching soccer on the flatscreen. "Hey Geoff?" I call from the kitchen, "Yeah!" He shouts back, not even bothering to walk into the kitchen. "Do you know any Perrie Edwards?" I say as I walk back to the lounge, carrying a bottle of champagne and two glasses. "Oooh yeah! That hot chick from Little Mix! That blondie!" He whistles like the players do in those american movies, I punch his toned bicep playfully. He sits up as I pour him a glass, "Why?" He questions me, "A girl today came up to me and asked me was I her, it was pretty weird seen as I never heard of her before!" Geoff tears his gaze from the TV to my crystal blue eyes, "Come to think of it, you do!" He laughs as I jump from my place on the carpet to his lap, he holds me and rubs my back gently. I smile.

Later on in the evening, I pull out my pink Dell laptop and bring up a search bar. Perrie Edwards. Is what I type in, loads of stories come up.

Perrie Edwards opens up about Zayn Malik!

Perrie Edwards on Zayn Malik: "We're all good."

Images for Perrie Edwards:

It displayed seven mini shots of a girl except one of them was of a fit guy. I look at them closely, she does kinda look like me! Except when she has purple hair! I smile and save a picture in my computer pictures. I then use my computer's trusty collage maker to create a picture. I joined a picture of her next to one of me. I posted it on Facebook and tag some of my friends and Geoff,

'Just found out I look like a famous chick! The road is looking good guys!'

Almost immediatly, I get like forty likes. I smile, I'm used to it by now. Its all the people from my year back when I went to middle school. They all hated me then but when I got pretty, they all added me. I smile and lean back in my chair, oh how I could make this famous girls life miserable!




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