Finding Love.....?

Follow Machenzie Whitterfield, Julia Franchez and Blake Johnson as they make their own ways throguh life, discovering what men are really like in their brief encounters. Its the two questions that float between these girl's minds, Do I Love Him? and Is he trustworthy? Read to find out!


3. Julia Franchez

Julia Franchez

I lean back in the hotel lobby's couch as a waitress comes and hands me a cup of tea. I recognise her as the previous waitress that served me on the few occasions I've been staying here, Jenny. A brightful girl that is always smiling, even when her dick of a manager gives out at her. Her  smile is wide, revealing pearly, white teeth. We have become friends and I can see that see is a trustful friend but I'm not going to put all my trust in her, that would be stupid. She sits by me and studies my latest work. My latest project is on a case of a criminal who is being tried for not paying taxes, it sounds tricky but I'm taking this task in my stride. I watch as her timid eyes scan across my notes and papers. I take a sip of my tea and totally regret it, "JENNY!" I practically shout/whisper and my voice is even stranger now that my throat is burnt but it didn't help before as I have a spanish accent. She looks up at me with her doe-like eyes innocently, "What?!" I cough slightly, "The tea is HOT!" She nods her head, "It is boiling water you know!" She winks at me gracefully, "Ever heard of something like milk?" She nods her head and turns back to my papers, "You got a tricky little case here." She winks at me again before I check the lobby clock, crap! I should be going, I pack up my papers and shove them into my briefcase, I hand her a five Aussie dollar note and take off looking for a cab to get me to the prison where my convicted criminal is staying. 

Once inside the prison, I take off my blazer and fold it on my arm like waiters do with tea-towels. I walk up to the chair that sits in front of the glass window that seperates me from my criminal and I pick up the phone. He picks up his phone on the other side and I'mk the first to speak, "Hello James." I stare at the man at the other side, he's being kept in here with criminals who have killed people and he's only being convicted of tax fraud. He nods at me to continue, "I'm Julia and I'll be representing you in the court of arms in a months time for your case." I smile, all business-like. For the first time, a big grin spreads across his face. I bow my head and smile back, "Thankyou." I nod again, pulling out papers and push them under the glass. He glances at my face before taking the papers in his big handsv and flicking through them. He frowns at the part where it convicts him of tax fraud. He grunts and finishes, pushing them back under. I smile and pack them back into my briefcase, "So, are you accepting my help?" He looks into my eyes for awhile, searching for something. "Yes, I trust you." I nod and fix my bun before packing up and bidding him goodbye, "Goodbye, James." He nods as I hang up and leave, I can feel his eyes on my back as I walk away. I don't turn to wave at the door, that would be highly childish and unbusiness-like. 

I hop out of the cab and walk into the lobby of the bright hotel, I'm staying in this hotel in Melbourne as a part of my case. I originally live in my town house in Adelaide but I follow my work wherever it takes me. My lawyer company pays for my stay at wherever my case is, which is currently in Melbourne. Sure, its a nice place for sightseeing and the likes but not very handy for getting around. Traffic everywhere! I've been to New York, sure, but it still bothers me on how long it take to get from A to B. I walk into the lobby, my feet are killing as I have been walking around in my black, three inch Christian Louboutins all day. I smile at the bellman as I take the lift up to my room. Once at my room, I collapse on the couch, not caring that I have alot of work to do on this James fella.

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