Finding Love.....?

Follow Machenzie Whitterfield, Julia Franchez and Blake Johnson as they make their own ways throguh life, discovering what men are really like in their brief encounters. Its the two questions that float between these girl's minds, Do I Love Him? and Is he trustworthy? Read to find out!


2. Blake Johnson

Blake Johnson

I woke up to my annoying IPhone's alarm ringtone. I let out a heavy sigh and rub my green eyes. I like my eyes, I always think of a cat's eyes when I look into my own through the mirror. I finally manage to get out of bed even if it meant literally falling out of bed. I rub my eyes again, its a habit, and continue out of my bedroom and into the kitchen. Masie is already there in her silk pajamas, sipping tea out of a green mug. Why do I pay attention to such grave details? Well anyways, Masie is my roommate, she works down at Starbucks down the road. She drinks her own beverages here as I have come home plenty of times to her complaining about their prices. She also complains about not getting employee discount on anything. She spends her lunch out back taking drags from somebody's cigarette or she walks back to our flat and makes herself a cup of tea. She never really comes back at lunch because she's too lazy. She doesn't really smoke but sometimes, like I said, she goes to the back of Starbucks to take a drag or two. She's kinda like a sister to me, to say the least. I love her and she has often come home from clubs crying or eating the face of a random guy I have never seen before and won't see again after she dumps him at dawn.

I boil the kettle again and see whats the latest gossip, I lean against the counter. I'm facing Masie, who is leaning against the cabinet opposite me. I raise my eyebrows at her and she sighs heavily, "I'm sick of it Blake!" I look at her questionably, her sudden outburst made me jump a little. "Sick of what exactly?" She looks at me like I'm a leper, "Clubbing and trashing guys like empty coffee cups!" She waves her left arm up in the air, her right hand stays firm as its home to her mug. I nod quietly and bite my lip, she has never said anything like this to me before. She glares at me and shakes her head furiously, "Blake you don't get it!" I want to reply with what is exactly in my head, 'of course I don't! I don't go out clubbing like you do!' I held it in by biting my lip again, "I don't." The kettle started to spread steam everywhere as it boiled, I grabbed the kettle and poured the hot water into my cup that held coffee. I stirred it around and put two spoons of sugar before milk. I finished up and turned to Masie, gingerly taking a sip. She stared back at me, her brown eyes softening at my clueless face. "How do you do it babe?" Her English accent thick as its so early to us. I shrug and take another swig, trying to smile but the headache that's starting in the left side of my head isn't helping. Masie still won't drop it on how 'cool' it is to be Australian. Yeah, feel free to scream and dance around that you met an Australian but I'm warning you, its not gonna help my headache that coming on.

I go back to my room to get changed, Masie doesn't have work today because she took the day off for no reason. I have no work because its the weekend. I put on a red check shirt but only do up a few buttons as I have put a black tank top underneath, rip front blue skinny jeans, buckle back mid-calf combat boots that are black leather and I put my glossy, wavy, brown hair into a fishtail braid down my back.  I didn't bother with any makeup as I've a feeling that I'll be rubbing my face and temples a lot today due to the upcoming headache. I rub my temples and walk back out into the kitchen/ living-room. Masie is sitting on the couch, staring intently at her Blackberry screen. I roll my eyes knowing that she's stalking Olly Murs on twitter, she plans her day around it. There have been times where she has come back from clubs drunk, shouting, "BLAKE! I'm not joking, there actually was a guy who looked like Olly!" I just ignore her as A: I don't care and B: It doesn't concern me at all. I look over what she's wearing. She has her long blond hair cascading down her back as usual, its a bit wavy, she's wearing a plain white peplum blouse with a peach blazer, mint skinny jeans and sparkly beige Christian Louboutin heels that I recognise. I bought them for her for last Christmas, they were £945 and I honestly don't know how I afforded them. 

We walk down the street until Masie grabs the back of my shirt and tries to hide behind me, "Keep walking and pretend like we're playing or some crap! Just keep walking!" I keep walking but look around to see whats going on, I spot a fit guy walking down the street on the other side of the street. It would only take seconds to walk by him only for he's taking his time walking down the street, having a good look at everything. Masie grabs my shirt tightly as I slow down to get a good look at him, I hear her grunt, "Not worth it!" She then releases my shirt and runs down the street, well not really running but hobbling as her heels are about four or five inches. I laugh loudly, throwing my head back and smiling at the sunshine. She hobbles to a café up ahead, she hides in the doorway and waits for me to catch up. "Took ya long enough!" She snorts at me as I smile like a b**ch and lead the way inside the nice, comfy café. We take seats and order, she turns to me with a b**chy smile like i had earlier, 'let the fun begin!' I think as I lean back in my chair and sigh.

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