2021 Slave

When Alice first joins Villa Academy it seems like just an ordinary high school. Couples all over each other, girls giggling in the corridor and boys charging after footballs on both sides of the drive way. The first time she saw Ailsa, Alice knew they were destined to be best friends but is anything ever that simple?


1. VIlla Academy: for the privileged


I walked a long the darkened drive way,  Henry in tow with my luggage. From one private school to the next, that's all my life had consisted of for the past year. My dad being the Prime minster  of Spain and my mum the  internationally famous dancer Sophia Matar there was no shortage of  money. This meant that my parents wanted only the best for me which every parent wants for their child but with unlimited money i saw myself in five different schools within three months. You might think that by now i would be a spoilt brat  but i like to think that I'm not. I'd rather be in a state school with nice normal people than in private with all these snobs. Don't get me wrong they aren't all snobs but the ones that are, really are! I mean noses in the air, looking down on you, little miss I'm perfect everyone look at me snobs. They are the worst people I have ever met in..........my...........life! My new school rose up ahead spanning the entire length of the horizon, was this really my new school? It looked more like a castle, four turrets marking the joining of the benefactors in 1804. As you can probably tell I've done my research, Im a history geek before going anywhere i always make sure i know every little detail of what happened in the making of our world as it is today. Henry placed my bags down in the foyer as a senior pupil was assigned to show me where everything was. In the centre of the courtyard looking round the building looked exactly like the Colisieum in Rome but much more run down!

















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