2021 Slave

When Alice first joins Villa Academy it seems like just an ordinary high school. Couples all over each other, girls giggling in the corridor and boys charging after footballs on both sides of the drive way. The first time she saw Ailsa, Alice knew they were destined to be best friends but is anything ever that simple?


2. The walk to nowhere!

Some people say that somewhere in the world there is another half of you. We have to legs, two eyes, two ears but only one heart, why is that. Well your other heart is supposedly somewhere out there, just waiting for you to find. Now I didn't really believe that but then I saw Finlay! OMG, he was, well is drop.....dead.....gor-guss! His long, curly, sandy-colored hair. Those sunny golden eyes. Those muscly legs! Oh my, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die! I didn't think you could find perfection in a dump like this, oh well. The only problem is he's kinda, eh.......way out of my league! Like all the way to Pluto out of league, and another down point. He goes out with the most popular and lets just put it this way, shes hardly my biggest fan right now. I can still dream though.

If there was a shooting star right in front of me now I would wish for my life to be normal, that I hadn't moved anywhere. Finlay lived next door and I had my bestest friend Alice on the other side. If only things were that easy. 

Christina is the hotty at school, she's the head cheerleader and basically the b***h of school. She and her possy. They are actually horrible. At Villa Academy there is children of all ages, from primary 1 up. There was a little girl walking in the hall way, she dropped her books on the floor and bent down to pick them up. Christina could clearly see her but walked right in to and knocked her to the ground. She then turned back, sniggered and walked away. She is a right piece of work. Someone needs to do something before she takes it too far. And i'm guessing that person is gonna have to be me.


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