You Saved Me <3

A girl named Anabelle Hana Renee Ouskun tells you a story about her life while she is living it! Her bestfriend, Brooke is rich and her mom works for this band names One Direction. After she hangout with them and gets to know them Ana realizes she falls in love with one the band member, but thats not her only problem, she soon finds out that her new step dad is a bit mean. What will happen if her mom doesn't know who her new boyfriend and soon-to-be-fiance is really like? What will Ana do about it?


1. Introduction

                         "Even though your close to someone, doesn't make them your bestfriend. It makes them a close friend, you'll know when you have a bestfriend. Maybe just not right now."   -unknown. 

    My name is Anabelle Hana Renee Ouskun, and I'd like to tell my everyone my story...
    You know there is a saying, ' Be The Change You Wish To See In The World'. Its a really good quote, it means a lot about my past life. My point is that in my life story is based on not me changing my life, but someone who I met. I was abused as a child, only when my father drank. Which was on the weekends. Every single weekend..

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