You Saved Me <3

A girl named Anabelle Hana Renee Ouskun tells you a story about her life while she is living it! Her bestfriend, Brooke is rich and her mom works for this band names One Direction. After she hangout with them and gets to know them Ana realizes she falls in love with one the band member, but thats not her only problem, she soon finds out that her new step dad is a bit mean. What will happen if her mom doesn't know who her new boyfriend and soon-to-be-fiance is really like? What will Ana do about it?


3. Bring nervous

 *Sorry I haven't updated lately, i've been really busy. -hilda_1d*

 Me and my brothers were doing really good in school, I also met my new bestfriend. Her name is Brooke Paisley. I met her in a bus on my way downtown, weird way to meet a bestfriend right? Well anyways,after we had a talk on the bus, she gave me her number. She said she was moving to Westwood, where I live! I We started hanging out. When i found she was rich. I was surprised because she doesn't seem like a rich girl. Brooke was a nice girl, not one of those braty girl whos daddy gets her everything. So, she told me her dad works for a band named One Direction. She said she never met them yet but shes going to one day. I never heard of them, appearently they were hot and all. Like Taylor Lautner but "better". So, when I turned 15, Brooke became my bestfriend. Shes a really nice girl, once you get to know her. She was a good freind. She helped me through most of it, my childhood, those bad memories. Brooke was always there for me when i needed her. When I turned 16, I realized what kind of childhood I had. Yes I always feel a lump in my throat and tears starting when I think of it now and then. Its absolutely horrible but I learned how to deal with it.The hardest part was growing up with three brothers because you were the only girl in your family, if that makes sense but you know what i mean. Because of his beatings,i went to the nurses office almost each day at school, it was so hard. All the other kids knew what happened to me and my brothers. But you know what they say, it gets better! And it did. All these years i've finally grew up and now i know how to handle situations like that time me and my siblings ran away.  
     I also learned about love, you think your in love and when someone breaks your heart, its like it never exsisted. I don't know but i've been through it. I noticed that my brother Garret was outside of Tim Hortons arguing again with his girlfriend. They been going on and off for the past month, it actually got really annoying.   
     "So," I started. "You want me to come over today and watch more of those so-cool-so-hot videos of this One Direction?"
   "Nooo, in only 4 days were going to meet them! Sooo..." Brooke raised her eyebrow, oh no. "So?" I replied, hoping I don't know the answer.
She just looked at me with that one perfect eyebrow straight up. I knew where this was going. Ugh, shopping spree. 
    "What were you thinking?" I sighed.
"Okay, We skip 5,6, and 7 annnd 8 periods tomorrow." She said like it was no big deal. Oh geez, and tomrrow it's monday But hey, I hate mondays so what the heck. "Plus," She continued. "Your dad's but of town and your hot brothers and won't care. And your grandma won't even know what the mall is." 
    "Hey! My granny isn't that old." But I laughed and thought about it. Shes right, my granny doesn't know what the mall is, and my brothers won't care much.. Even though she thinks they are so hot, but really, they are the most annoying people. Ever. 
      "Okay, but only this one time" I roll my eyes.
     "Yes!" she said with excitment

So the next day all she could talk about was how excited she was for friday. She was annoying alll morning. After lunch we went off to the mall. And as usual, she bought nice cute dresses that are right above her knees. And a nice blouse to match them. 3 of them. One blue with a black belt and some flowers on it. Another one was bright pink dress that has a bow on it, around the waist. It was pretty. The third one was a jumper dress kinda thing which was gray and comes with black tights. Nothing too fancy. I got some really nice shorts, like those tumblr girls, and tanks to go with them. Some of the tanks were lace. I only got those for the summer. Brooke told me to get something hot and cute. So I got a cute dress. Later we got starbucks, we talked about One Direction. Of course. And honestly, I was actually nervous. Like really nervous. I just hope it goes well.

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