You Saved Me <3

A girl named Anabelle Hana Renee Ouskun tells you a story about her life while she is living it! Her bestfriend, Brooke is rich and her mom works for this band names One Direction. After she hangout with them and gets to know them Ana realizes she falls in love with one the band member, but thats not her only problem, she soon finds out that her new step dad is a bit mean. What will happen if her mom doesn't know who her new boyfriend and soon-to-be-fiance is really like? What will Ana do about it?


2. As a Child.

    My childhood was horrible. I really don't know how to explain it. My dad was abusive. I remember one day, a few weeks after my birthday.                                             *FLASHBACK*  
   "Dad, stop!" I screamed from across the room. He instantly looked at me and laughed. "Why sweetie?" he replied in a drunk tone. Tears started pouring down my face. I shook my head. "Because your hurting mommy!" I screamed back at him. He stared at me seriously then laughed again. He had her by the chest, holding onto her shirt. He started yelling at her telling her to shup up. I stood there balling my eyes out. "C'mon," I jerked my head to see my three brothers standing in front of me with a bag, and my other two sisters standing behind them with their bags. "Where?" I asked. At the time I was 7, i had three brothers, Garret, David, and Zach. Garret was 9, David was 10, and Zach was 13. "Look sis, we can't stay here! Ok, nows lets go!" Zach said, with no hesitation. Garret and David were standing right behind him nodding their heads. I saw them holding bags, Zach then grabbed my arm and before i knew it we were already running out the door.  When my dad finally stopped abusing my mom, he left her crying on the bed. Iooked back and my was coming down the steps with a bat. "And where the fuck do you think you kids are going? Huh?" He shouted. He started yelling other things but i rather not talk about what he said. We stopped at the nearest park.  "God, I haven't packed my bag." as soon as I said that Garret handed me my little purple backpack. "He needs to start sobering up before he wants to be a father!" David said, with anger. I sat down and started crying, at my age its hard to understand things like that.  Even when it's from your father who you can barely stand. It was like this every single week. I don't know how my mom could still love him. The days when my dad didn't get drunk were like any other 7-year-old. It was fun, you know. But deep inside me, I never forgave my father. I don't think any of us did. This day was different than any other bad weekend. My brothers though it was time to leave. Which was a first. We all knew this day would come, I just hope we do come back. I'm not really sure though. Garret and Zach seemed pretty serious about the whole leaving thing, too serious. I lived in a small town called Ilford. It was so small I knew everyone. First name, last name. Just because it was that small. I knew who were the cool kids were and the unpopular kids were. Only thing is that we are all practically like family here. I was related to most people and been in almost all the houses in my small town. My dad is the mayor of  this small town, Ilford. "Now what?" David asked, pulling me out of my thoughs. "We live life to the fullest," Garret said, trying to sound calm. I chuckled. He always knew a way to cheer everyone up. "Really? Did you actually just say that?" He shrugged, "Well, it was the first thing that came to mind." He rolled my eyes in response. I sighed, the story of my life.  *2 WEEKS LATER.* Now were back home, we went to our cabin which was only a 5 minute walk from our house. We stayed there for two days. There was food and water but eventually the police found us. My parents were in bad shape, like one of us died in the baddest way possible. Well thats what they said they thought.
 They said that everything will change. No more drinking, no more abuse. Nothing but a perfect family, they said. We believed it for a straight month. Then it all came back, it was no surprise really, we thought it wouldn't last that long until all the drinking came back. I actually thought they stopped, which was no surprise. I was the youngest. It wasn't as bad, now it actually seems like my dad can control himself. Just glad that he doesn't hit any of us like he used to.  

After a good 5 years, i'm finally sixteen. I'm sixteen! My mom left me, my brothers, and my dad. My mom left before my dad stopped abusing us, which was when I was 13. It was really hard. I still haven't heard from my mom now that we moved from Ilford. When i was 12 my dad was still drinking but it was only twice a month. It offically stopped when i turned 13. At 14, we were already long gone from Ilford, we went into the city! We moved from all the in Canada, to the USA. Where we live in  Los Angeles, Californa! It was great.


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