is love stronger than Titanium? Can it last over the seas, above the stars and all the haters? Haley, Corrin, and Aliyah will find out if they can stand it when thier best friends (and secret crushes) must leave for a tour. Harry, Heart broken. Zayn, tears stream down his face. Liam, he cant take it anymore. Can they be stronger than Titanium? or as frigile as a heart. Will secrets ruin a friendship and possibly a life? Can they stand the heat of the spot life? Can they be bullet proof glass? Will they get back up and keep going? Or will they fall finally and stay down?


6. together we stand


" Ok so who brought the ice cream and what favor?" Said Aliyah as she walked into my bedroom.

"I did and iiiiiiiiit's Strawberry' Chocolate chip cookie dough , and Chocolate and I also brought topings!!!" Said Corrin. We all were at my house for a sleepover. We had ice cream, movies, popcorn, and each other. That's really all we needed to have fun. We all sat down on our sleeping bags. Mine was Baby Blue ,aliyah's was Purple ( of course!) and Corrin's was pink and it had a cat on it that was missing a paw.

"Well;" I said while scooping ice cream for all of up into 3 seprate bowls" How are you guy's boyfriends?" I said with the weird face I make when we talk about this stuff.

"Well, if you must knooooooooooooow. haha Me and Zayn are going to the zoo tomorrow" Said corrin. Her face seemed a little sweaty because she came here from the gym.

"And me and Liam may be going on vacation!" Aliyah said with a hudge smile!



sorry for not updating this in a while!!!!!!!!!! And also for the super short chapter!!!!! well I am in need of ideas so if you have any leave them in the comments below! Thanks guys!

                                                                                                 Corrin xoxo

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