is love stronger than Titanium? Can it last over the seas, above the stars and all the haters? Haley, Corrin, and Aliyah will find out if they can stand it when thier best friends (and secret crushes) must leave for a tour. Harry, Heart broken. Zayn, tears stream down his face. Liam, he cant take it anymore. Can they be stronger than Titanium? or as frigile as a heart. Will secrets ruin a friendship and possibly a life? Can they stand the heat of the spot life? Can they be bullet proof glass? Will they get back up and keep going? Or will they fall finally and stay down?


2. Our Lives after.


          Life after school was over was easier. We got more time at my house and more time to talk to the boys. But they Didnt have alot of time for us. I was sad yes, but not depressed. I have my friends to keep me up and cheery. That is my personality as i have been told tho!

 " Corrin! Come here! Quick!" Yelled Haley as she pulled me to my front yard. I couldnt belive my eyes. Sitting on my front yard were 3 perfectly picked baskets of flowers with a namecard for all of us. Corrin,Aliyah,and Haley. We Ran to the one addressed to us. I opend mine and say it was from Zayn.

  " Happy birthday! I know this may be a few days late but i wanted to give you a birthday gife. Now if you will go to the Cafe were we used to go for lunch i have a suprise for you. Zayn xx" I read the card silently and looked at the flowers, another note. it read, "Oh before i forget I left you something in your mail box ;)  Zayn xx." I get up and go to the mail box. Inside there was a box. I opened the box to find a new outfit and a pair of heals. i go back to the girls who are completly frantic they leave soon and go to their house with thier flowers. I pick mine up and go inside. I wlk upstairs to my room wich is a bright blueish greenish color. I set the flowers doen on my desk and change into my new outfit. Its a yellow top, probbable silk, white shorts, and a tan boot like heal. I leave my hair in the side brade and grabe my phone, keys and some money. I walk to te cafe because its not that far away. whn i get ther i walk in and dont see Zayn. I go up to the Casheir . " have you seen a boy about this tallk and hair with a blonde streak in it?" He said no. Dissapionted i sin in a booth and deside to cll him.

 " Zayn?"i get his voice mail, " Im at the cafe and dont see you. Am i early or are you late? Call me back went you get this." I hang up and deside to get a Resses PeanutButter Cappashino. I turn around to see Paul. I walk over to him and ask him how hes been. He dosent answer. I get worried. "Paul? whats going on?" he tells me that Zayn dosnt want to see me after all and dosnt want me to call, Text, or talk to hm anymore. I didnt know how to respond. I was shocked . I walk out of the cfe and see him there witha big grin on his face. He yelled my name and i looked at him. He was home for the summer. But instead of running to him. Iw alk awy. He runs over to me ans turns me around to see the teears steam down my face.

" OMG what happen C?" He said.

" As if you didnt already know ." I said and tryed to leave but he wouldnt let me go.

" What? What dont i already know?" he said with consern in his eyes.

" You dont know that i came out of the Cafe crying because Paul told me that you didnt want to see , Text , Call or even get with in a Mle of me and that i had to leave you alone forever." The tears came down even harder now.

" I never said that! I would never say that! I .... " he paused " I love you and want you to be my girlfriend ."

Y-you  L-love M-M-e?" I could barly speak.

" Yes! Ill shout it from the roof tops if i have to. I want you to belive it! but do you love me ?"

" Yes." I quitely whispered and looked at the grownd and wipped my eyes.

" What?" he said " I didnt hear you."

" Yes! Yes i love you!" I said louder and looked him stright in the eye. He smiled and then he gave me a huge bear hug. I could hear him smelling my hair , wich smelled like strawberries. I hugged him back.

"Lets get to the end of this whole " not wanting to hear from you again" thing." He said strongly. His had around my waist we walked into the cafe to find paul.

" Paul!" He yelled. "come here." he said waving to him and still holding we and pulling me closer.

" I thought i told you to leave him alone!" He said and he was inches away from my face.

" I dont give a fuck what you say." i said very sassy. His eyes widened as my face held a blank expression.

" what did you just say  TO ME?"  I could tell he was angry.

" You heard me." i said and gave him more sass.

" Sinse when did i ever say that i wanted Corrin out of my life Paul?" Zay said

" I heard you talking to Louis about her and that you wanted to get her out of your life." He said trying not to studder.

" well if you had heard the whole converstaion you would find out that I was saying i wanted her out of my life and in my arms. and that i was and am madly in love with her." He said and pulled me as close as he possiblely could withought hurting me.

"Oh." was all paul could say before he left. Now zayn turned to me.

"Wow. I didnt know that you of all people would be able to tick him off that fast! Im impressed Princess!"

" Well only. I could do that! haha." you laughed as he kissed me lightly but passionitly.


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