is love stronger than Titanium? Can it last over the seas, above the stars and all the haters? Haley, Corrin, and Aliyah will find out if they can stand it when thier best friends (and secret crushes) must leave for a tour. Harry, Heart broken. Zayn, tears stream down his face. Liam, he cant take it anymore. Can they be stronger than Titanium? or as frigile as a heart. Will secrets ruin a friendship and possibly a life? Can they stand the heat of the spot life? Can they be bullet proof glass? Will they get back up and keep going? Or will they fall finally and stay down?


3. Our Lives after prt 2.


      After i went home Harry had left a voice mail on my home phone. I was so excited. He had been away prior to the tour so i hadn't talked much to him. Before i was able to listin to the message my older brother , Trever, came into the room and told me that a pacage had arived for me and that it was up in my room. I listin to the message .

" Hey Beautiful! Can you meet me later at the movies? around 8? Call me back when you get the chnce. Bye."

I ran upstairs to my room. On my bed there was a box. I put my flowers on the floor. I went over to the box. There was a note attached. It read " For a girl who is as beautiful as a rose." I opened the box to Find A dozen red roses and one white one on top. a card was placed on to of them. " Get ready, I cant wait to see my Princess again. Harry xx" A hudge smile grew on my face. I couldnt belive that he was back! so i had 5 hours. I Had to do my makeup, my hair, get a shower, pick out my outfit, get to the movies and finally see Harry. I desided to take an hour shower. After tha i put on a pair of denum shorts, a blue blouse, and my blue toms. I blowdried my hair and currle it. That day my blonde hair was very shinny and seemed een happy. I put on some maskara and eyeliner and to finish the look a light pink lip gloss.I grabbed my phone and ipod. i yelled to my brother( my parents werent home yet) that im going to the movies with my friends and that i should be back by midnight. if im not cover it and say that im over Aliyah's house. He said that it will cost me but i ignored him nd left. It was almost 7:49 and i had to get there early so we could talk.

I ran as fast as i possibly could and felt likei was on air. When i finally got there I didnt see him. I took out my phone and saw a message from him. I unlocked it and it said " Sorry Babe, May be 15 minuts late. Got stuck at the recording studio." It was normal for him to be a little late. What could i do but sit down and wait. !5,20,a half hour had gone by. I was a little dissapointed until a very fermiliar voice whispered in my ear

" Hey Beautiful! Ive Missed you!"

" Ive missed -" he cut me off with a long kiss.

After the movie was over we went and stargazed in the park were i must have fallen asleep on his chest because i woke up in my house. he must have carried me home. I couldnt stop thinking about him. I pulled out my phone and saw 3 new messages. One from harry and the other 2 from Corrin and Aliyah.\

" I had a wonderful time last night. wanna get breakfast today? Harryxx" I texted him back saying yes and were and when.

" Yo I heard you and Harry and a good time last night! Call me when u get the time so i can get all the details! C:)" Corrin always knows how to get me in a good mood!

" Haley, Bet night of my LIFE!!!!! Call me !!!!! Gerky:P" she must have gone out with Liam, Her Boyfriend. Well i have my work cut out for me today!

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