is love stronger than Titanium? Can it last over the seas, above the stars and all the haters? Haley, Corrin, and Aliyah will find out if they can stand it when thier best friends (and secret crushes) must leave for a tour. Harry, Heart broken. Zayn, tears stream down his face. Liam, he cant take it anymore. Can they be stronger than Titanium? or as frigile as a heart. Will secrets ruin a friendship and possibly a life? Can they stand the heat of the spot life? Can they be bullet proof glass? Will they get back up and keep going? Or will they fall finally and stay down?


10. Meeting time!

Corrin's POV.


Haley has been living with us for about two weeks now and Zayn and I thought that we should set her up on a date with some body new. The perfect person came to mind. Ed.

"HALEY WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"Your going on a date tonight and I need to get you ready."

"A date?"

"Yes now get ready im taking you dress shopping!"

15 minutes later Haley comes down stairs and I grab the keys, and give Zayn a kiss on the cheek.

"You should get moving too. Hell be here in a 1/2 hour."

"I guess so."

"Who? Who am I going on a date with?"

"youll see!!!!!"


Later that day!


After 6 stores and 3 shoe departments we had finally found the perfect outfit.

A knee length waist high skirt that was pink and a white ruffled blowse. her shoes are a powdered pink with a flower on the side ( There heals) and finally I did her hair in curls and gave her clear lip gloss and took away all her other make up products because she looked better without them on.




"Hes here!!!"

"OMG Im so scared Corrin!"

"Youll be fine!"

we walked down stairs and saw Ed or as I call him Teddy.

" Teddy, this is Haley, Haley this is Tee-er Ed."

"is she ok? Hes just staring at me..."

"Earth to ed!!" I said and he snapped out of it.


"Hello." Haley said and looked at the ground.

"Well you two have reservations under Sheeren at The fanciest restaurant in town, Top Fancy for 7 and its already 6:30" Zayn said and walked over and pulled me into him by my waist.

"Ready?" Teddy said as he took Haley's hand.

"Ready!" Haley said and intertwined their fingers and walked to Teddy's car and drove off.


Haley's POV.


Love at first sight.. Ed and I YES!

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