is love stronger than Titanium? Can it last over the seas, above the stars and all the haters? Haley, Corrin, and Aliyah will find out if they can stand it when thier best friends (and secret crushes) must leave for a tour. Harry, Heart broken. Zayn, tears stream down his face. Liam, he cant take it anymore. Can they be stronger than Titanium? or as frigile as a heart. Will secrets ruin a friendship and possibly a life? Can they stand the heat of the spot life? Can they be bullet proof glass? Will they get back up and keep going? Or will they fall finally and stay down?


1. Frends forever


                    My name is Aliyah. My life is simple. I have great friends and a loving family.

                    My name is Haley. My life has been tough. I have the strength tho.

                    My name is Corrin. I have a life unlike others. And so dose my family. Im not like others my age or type. 

          Corrin's Point of veiw.

                           I have always live a good life. But everything changed when my mother and father died. I was only 7. My life completly fell apart then. I had nobody. So my best friend's parents said that i could stay with them until the police find family that will take me in. My best friend at the time was Amy Gilford. I havent talked to her sinse i left for Florida. Now i live with my aunt and uncle. They are strange people but we get along well and i have the nessesities of life. I have a roof over my head, heat, and food. Pretty good right? But they are more than that. They're rich. I get everything i ask for because they are now my parents. I go to a new school and dont know anyone there , so i just sit were ever i could find a seat avalible. Until the lead jock asks me to help him with his math homework during lunch. His name is Zayn. Him and i have been bast friends ever sinse. Then everything changes when he has to move because of his job. I was sad but at the same time happy for him. Thats when i met the girls.  Stronger than Titanium maybe but not sure.

          Haley's Point of veiw.

                         My ife is tough. Ill admit it. i have been in and out of foster care and in my own hows alot. But then i had to go to Florida. I didnt want to because i love it here in Ohio. But when we went it felt like i had alredy been home al along. I became friends with the girls and quickly became ppular. But with a simle on the outside , i was sad inside. I had to leave everything and everyone behind. It was terrible. I had nobody to lean on when i was down. But then i met Harry. He was perfect.everything that i needed. He intoduced me to my new friends and never left my side until the tour.  but ti was ok with that because i knew that i still had people to trust. And they except me , even with all my out burts, and habbit of getting in trouble. They are there for me. WE are Titanium

        Aliyah's Point of view.

                         Life? Yeah its ok. But then i moved to Florida. Happy? Not really. But life was ok. I met my best friends. 2 girls and a boy. Liam. He was there when i needed him. But now i really need him. My life had went down a dark tunle and only he could be the light that helped me out. Popularity? have it , being best friends with the popular girls have there perks. Not to menchen that we are the three prettiest girls in school. But then he left for tour. I had to be strong , like Titanium, I ahd to get up and be bullet proof.

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