Bieber's best friend

Hello i'm Bethanny. I am Justin Biebers best friend. We've been best friends since we were young. Our parents go way back to middle school. The only thing he doesn't know about me is that i like him. But the thing getting in the way of that is his beautiful girlfriend Jasmine Villegas. Jasmine and I are very close and i wouldnt want to hurt her. Read on to see if Justin and I end \up getting together or we just stay bestfriends.


2. Believe Tour?

I get ready and head to Sammy's. When i get there Justin's waiting for me i go whats up? he goes well, tomorrow im leaving on my Believe Tour.  I go seriously? For how long? He goes 6 months...thats the thing im going to miss u Beth....i go awwhh Justin.....i'm going to miss you your my juju...Im going to miss you a lot JuJu... he goes awwhh Beth ill miss you too...come here..i go over and give him a huge hug and he kinda whispers i love you into my heart started pounding super fast and i go love you to juju he goes ill really miss you Beth...stay safe ans be careful with Johnathan please! Oh shoot i forgot to tell you guys about Johnathan....hes my boyfriend ya okay awkward anyways! i go okay he goes if he hurts you i swear that dude will be on the floor in 10 seconds i laugh and go im pretty sure you wont have to do that he goes okay good! i give him one last hug before he leaves back home say goodbye and go home...

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