Love: A blissful thing

Claire is best friends with Davidl a
Short,friendly boy, and in love with a smartass brown quiffed hair boy,but what happens when claire's perfect life with her best
friend are involved with her love life and crush?
~"One's life can go from perfect to diasterous with a split second descion"- Me!!

*Names changed, so its very confusing. Read at your own risk


2. The Ride

"umm...hey Danny I'm actually gonna go to the dance..okay?" Danny relied looking really sad "umm okay..but with who?" " with Matt" "..are you gonna be okay?" "yea." You wondered why he wasn't going. You asked "hey why aren't you going" He replied "well I was suppose to ask this beautiful lovely girl,but chickened out.." "okay,but who is this girl?" "umm well its...i can't tell you.." He said trailing off. Then I said "ok." Danny commented on my tealish ball gown dress,sweeping the floor. I brushed a slight kiss on Danny's cheek and walked out to Matt. I thought to myself "he just look god-damn sexy" but didn't care to say it. He handed me a corsage and opened the door of his silver lamborghini, which looked really expensive; but he's rich so why wouldn't he have a lambo? I walked in and looked at how little space there was. I saw a guy in the front seat, now thinking about it, might have been a personsal driver. I leaned my hand on the edge of the open window. Like a hushed waved in Winter. My hand moved up and down like replica waves on a old wrecked beach during a storm. This just didn't feel right. I guess it was the feeling of not being with Danny. We never go anywhere without each other. I guess I missed him..but i'm with the boy i've always wanted to go with to prom. Atleast I think I am....

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