Love: A blissful thing

Claire is best friends with Davidl a
Short,friendly boy, and in love with a smartass brown quiffed hair boy,but what happens when claire's perfect life with her best
friend are involved with her love life and crush?
~"One's life can go from perfect to diasterous with a split second descion"- Me!!

*Names changed, so its very confusing. Read at your own risk


3. Prom

I decided being with Matt was all I needed tonight,other than a beer.i wasn't a drinker,just felt like I need to loosen up. Sinking back into the seat, I felt a hand brush on the bone of my shoulder. I turned to see Matt facing me. His dark brown eyes yet dazzling in the dark. His perfect pink lips made me go red. His growing smile making the butterflies from my stomach touch the tip of my heart. Making my lungs open and close faster than the adrendalin on a rollar coaster. He leans in and until I realized what was (vas' happenin!) happeing my lips was touching the two halves of lips once again. Things started to get heated when he left trails of kisses down my soft moisterized neck. I wasn't ready for this. This was only our first date. I quickly pushed his face off my neck. I looked over at him and see not a cute face with features dazzling but a questioned face with query looks. I just took my white ruffled blouse and cover myself, leaving him no access. Once again I turned to the window that I can call a friend now. Instead of making winter waves, I placed my hand flat out straight and rested my head on the upper bridge of my arm. As I did so, my eyes were slowly closing. After having a 3 minute fight with my eyelids, I finally gave in and closed my eyes. It wasn't until I heard a familiar voice which was in every of my thoughts. "Hey Claire..Claire? Hey were here, wake up Claire." Him saying my name so perfectly, is a imagine i've never read a part of. I woke up instantly with a beaming light in the left corner of my iris. As I took in my surroundings, I got a panicked feeling not seeing Matt next to me. I turned to the small door of the lamborghini and saw Matt stading there,opened door with his hand rested out for me. I gently took his silk like hand and came to a cold atmosphere. Good thing my sweater was on. Then as I look straight foward, I see a well known building. As I saw the building I thought to myself. Me With Matt here at PROM. I didn't think I was dreaming, just thought that this was a 1 in 2,000 or so chance. Like the chance of dating Zayn Javaad Malik, Bradford Badboy was a 1 in 500,000,000 chance. This wasn't right. It didn't feel right. Almost like I was missing something. As I thought harder my mind raced back at how Danny was doing at home. I quickly shook the thought out of my mind when Matt offered a slow dance. I rested my stretched out elbow on Matt's shoulder and arms tightly secured around his neck. Then 'Kiss You' came on and our moods quickly changed from romantic to funactic. Yes that is a word,in my dictionary atleast.We were jumping up and down. Waiting for the fish dance to come on,I took a bit of a long glance at Matt. He saw me and just gave his signature smirk. I blush ever so slightly. But ever so slightly was something Matt saw. The fish dance was done and I was tired. It was the ending of the song 'and let me kiss you' then a pair of warm inviting lips engaged with my dry lips. I bite down on his lower lip and caused a moan to set loose. I would not have done that if I was really drunk. Meaning either i'm more than drunk or someone drugged me. He reeked of alchohal to. More than me. More than anyone in this stuffy cramped rented space. He whispered in my ears "I wanna go to bed, care to join?" in a seductive voice. I said outloud "why not?" Okay so maybe I had ALOT to drink. We ran out the stuffy place,fingers interewined. Opening up to a thick layer of wind.We ran down the street. We were in the middle of the street when I saw a very bright front light of a truck approaching at full speed.....

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