Love: A blissful thing

Claire is best friends with Davidl a
Short,friendly boy, and in love with a smartass brown quiffed hair boy,but what happens when claire's perfect life with her best
friend are involved with her love life and crush?
~"One's life can go from perfect to diasterous with a split second descion"- Me!!

*Names changed, so its very confusing. Read at your own risk


4. Mad!

●════════●♥●════════● Sorry its soo short!! I orignally uploaded it on Wattpad, and did it on my phone so. Ohh please read my stories on Wattpad at or just search my name 'amour22.' ●════════●♥●════════●


We both saw it and ran at full speed to the other side of the sidewalk. We ran fingers still intertwined. We jumped to the hard pavement and I saw the truck pass mili-seconds later only roling over an empty McDonalds frape cup. As I catched my breath I looked for Matt. It took about 5 minutes to find him in the bushes taking a pee. Typical Matt. I pulled him out and we both started laughing. I was left with some bruises around my mid thigh and elbow. We walked to Matt's house all in laughter. We reached and Matt fussed with the door knob. Once open I took my staletos off and looked for a light switch. I felt a hand round my waist and Matt whispered "please hurry and find the light, cause I won't mind getting into bed alittle early." He got fed up and just flicked the switch when 4 minutes passed. I ran to the first room I saw on the left of the house. I ran in there and got lucky. It was Matt's room. I told him i'd like to sleep alone. He looked at me with a pouty face like a kid on halloween getting no candy. I told him i like sleeping naked and don't wanna hook up tonight. He said "oh i'm fine if you sleep naked,even better for me!" I gave him a 'hell no' look. He understood and went to the living room couch. I got into bed naked with covers over me. The covers smell sweet like cinnamon or vanilla. With that smell I fell asleep easily. I woke up to a cold body next to me. I woke up to see Matt staring at me. I asked him why was he not on the couch. He said "it was too dark and scary and not warm enough. I pulled laced pink bra from the floor and told Matt not to look. I slipped it on and found my black lace panties. I.told Matt I was done and he said he wanted a picture of us. We both laid on the bed only in our undergarments. He took the picture fast. I hurried and found a oversized button up t-shirt in Matt's closet. Slipping it I grabbed my phone and went downstairs. To the basement. Where the inly bathroom was. Atleast I think so. My phone made the whistle notifications and I stopped half way on the step. It was my facebook. A new picture on my wall. I saw it was the picture of me and Matt this morning. My phone started ringing and I looked at the caller ID checking it wasn' parents. Only to find it was Danny. He started screaming over the phone that I had lost my virginity to Matt. I told him that we did nothing. Then he said tong o explain the marks in my thigh. I told him it was just from falling on the concrete. He said "well you know what, call me when you are sure" I felt broken....

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