Love: A blissful thing

Claire is best friends with Davidl a
Short,friendly boy, and in love with a smartass brown quiffed hair boy,but what happens when claire's perfect life with her best
friend are involved with her love life and crush?
~"One's life can go from perfect to diasterous with a split second descion"- Me!!

*Names changed, so its very confusing. Read at your own risk


5. Jeliously

I frantically pressed call log and slide my finger across the name. Danny (my awesome bf) is what I saved his name as. I remember the day. We were in Starbucks and I left my iphone with him to get thr coffee's. When I bad come back, nothing looked irregular. We shared a bagel with cream cheese. We both had cream cheese all over our mouth when finished. He grabbed both our drinks and wandered out. Without me knowing. I had went to the bathroom to clean up. Danny refused to clean up. Cheeky Danny. Then when I finished cleaning up, I went back into the divine coffee smelling place, only to find Danny not there. I got my phone out of my bag, and went to contacts. I then saw he changed his contact name from: dannyboii to: Danny(my AWESOME bf). Now when people see that, they think he's my boy friend. 

I smile remembering the thought of the wild goose chase to find him.

It was ringing...

Brr- "hello?"
"yea Danny, u there?"
"what do you want?" 
"i just wanted to tell you I didn't have sex with Matt" "trust me,its only been our first date yet..geez i'm not that type of girl"
"what you mean the slutty type?"
"yes no..I don't know!!"
"okay,if you didn't have sex with Matt,explain the marks"
"what the marks on my thigh?"
"what other marks?"(and there's the sarcasm)
"okay, so at Prom, we both got really drunk and while walking to Matt's house,we were avoiding a speeding truck!"


I got scared at his tone. He has never talked to me this way. In this tone. I replied without thinking

"but i didn't die..geez..are you trying to ruin my life?" 

Nothing but silence took up the rest of phone call. But then I heard a muffled noise. He ended the call. Tears were now streaming down my hot face. What am i going to do? Our long lasted frienship might not be long lasted anymore. We might not even have a friendship anymore... i thought to myself.."ohh Claire, what did you do? why did you have to go and do that?" i was interuptted from my deep thought by a soft touch on my back. i had nothing on except a pair of red shorts, which i wore under my dress and a  white button down pollo shirt Matt lend to me. Well not really lend. I took it out of his closet in the middle of the night becasue my dress became uncomfortable. I was suprised at the fact i still had my blue-sih converse on. Was I that tired last night, that i didn't even take my shoes off?  As i snapped out of thought, my hand vibrated. Wait, my hand? I looked down and saw that my phone was ringing. And was suprised at the contact name that was on the dim screen. Danny ( my  awesome bf). I wiped my tears away and slid the button to talk to him. He speaked softly and calmy now. 

" Look Claire, I am sorry for ruining your life, I think its best if I stay just out of your life." I was in a very emotional state. Did he just ended our friendship?

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