the favour

hey, i'm Beth and i'm 18, i don't know if you know who Eleanor Calder is but apparently i'm her, people stop me in the street to ask for a picture,people scream in my face and ask me ridiculous questions like "how's Louis", "can i speak to him" i mean who is this Louis guy and who is Eleanor!. My questions become answered when my friend invites me to a one direction concert, she also booked us in at a hotel, the hotel the boys were staying in, an unlikely encounter with Eleanor sparks a friendship and leads to the biggest prank i have ever pulled, but when i start falling for Louis what will happen ... find out in the favor


1. just another day as me

I walk through town clinging on to my mullberry clutch, my hair curled the way i always had it, i was wearing my black jeans and a zara printed shirt.It was about 6:30 in the morning so i decided to go into starbucks; the only thing that wakes me up in the morning!, as i walk in a group of girls started staring at me and whispering amongst themselves. I try my best to ignore them and make  my way to the counter "ill have the Grande White Chocolate Mocha Frap with no whip" i said, i could hear the group of girls getting closer at this point "urm excuse me" one said tapping me on my back "ur yeah" i replied "can i have a picture" i pulled a 'are you serious' face, she just smiled at me, "i don't know who you think i am, but i'm not anyone famous", she looked disappointed, "oh, sorry i thought you were Eleanor, you look just like her and ordered what she does" i gave her an understanding smile "i have no idea who Eleanor is", "oh, whoops" she said "sorry to bother you,bye" i gave her a quick wave and took my drink outside.

For the rest of the day i couldn't stop thinking about Eleanor, who is she?, why do they think i'm her?, theses questions kept running through my mind, i thought i'd do dome shopping to take my mind of it, i made my way into topshop and walked towards the shoe section, i sat down on the poof and placed my bag beside me, i grabbed a pair of really cute wedges and tried them on, it tied the laces and stood up, i walked to and frow trying out the shoes, there perfect i thought, i put them back in the box and made my way to the till, my starbucks still in my hand, "anything else" the lady behind the counter said, "nope thats it" i replied, "hey i hope you dont mind me asking but aren't you louis tomlinsons girlfriend", i just gave her a confused look, "ill take that as a no, have a good day" she passed me my bag and flashed me a smile, i smiled back and made my way out of the shop, this was all to crazy i needed to get home.

I rushed home and switched on the TV, guess who is on the big screen, one bloody direction, ive had enough with these idiots, especially louis and flipping eleanor !!!.I decide to make myself a cup of tea to calm myself down, as i poured in the hot water my hand slipped and the kettle tipped out its contents on me "shit" i exclaimed as i reached for for a towel, great just fucking great, i now have a stain mark on my top, guess i need to go to the shop to buy some washing up stuff !!. I swear though is one more person calls me eleanor im gonna go ape.

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