the favour

hey, i'm Beth and i'm 18, i don't know if you know who Eleanor Calder is but apparently i'm her, people stop me in the street to ask for a picture,people scream in my face and ask me ridiculous questions like "how's Louis", "can i speak to him" i mean who is this Louis guy and who is Eleanor!. My questions become answered when my friend invites me to a one direction concert, she also booked us in at a hotel, the hotel the boys were staying in, an unlikely encounter with Eleanor sparks a friendship and leads to the biggest prank i have ever pulled, but when i start falling for Louis what will happen ... find out in the favor


2. getting out of hand

i climb in my car and drive off to morrisons, my mulberry clutch in my hand, my jacket swung over my arm, phew the shop seems pretty quiet ... that was till i walked in!. About sixty cameras flashed in my face, i was surrounded by big men with big cameras, questions were being fired at me constantly "why are you alone eleanor, did louis leave you", "what are you going to buy eleanor did louis get you pregnant" "have you but on weight eleanor" i covered my face with my arm and ran into the cafe and sat down, tears rolled down my cheeks this is getting way out of hand, i feel my phone buzz in my pocket



heyyyy bethyboo, are you free tonight for a sleepover, i have good news from you too :)


the thought of a surprise scared me but i could do with some girly time, i picked up my phone and replied ...



hiya babe, im free for a sleepover tonight but could you come to mine a little earlier coz i need to talk to you



sure ill be at yours in ten minutes :)



kk see you soon :p


i closed my phone and walked back to my car, ill just get washing up stuff another day, i've had enough of public appearences. I walk towards my front door to find sophie already sat on my sofa! "hey" she says "whats wrong you look like you have been crying", "long story really is started when ...................................................................................................................

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