Hi im Louise and im 20yrs old. I have brown straight hair and love red,blue,stripes and jeans. I have 4best friends called, Nicole,Zina,Harlene and Lisa. We are all very crazy. We absaloutly love 1D and we are like them abit. (This is based on my friends in rl, Lauren,Melicia,Courntey,Charlotte and of course me shannon)


3. OMG

Louisa Pov:


One direction! dont fan girl dont fan girl DO NOT FANGIRL!! "Dont freak out." Harry said. We all shook our heads. "You fans?" Asked Liam. We nodded once again. Then louis piped up and said "Hey you, u look kinda familiar"he then pointed to me. I looked down at wat i was wearing then looked at him. I struggled not to laugh. "Maybe coz we are wearing the exact same thing?" I asked sarcasticly. "Maybe..." all the boys said. 

"so wats ur names?" Niall asked.





"And immm Louisa!" i said cheerfully. do not ask me why. "Since u are fans u obviously know our names" Louis said. "Hey guys, dont u think that there a girl version of one direction?" Liam asked. The boys looked at us. Then he continued "Look same hair, same dress sense and simalare names" I reallized he was right. Well we do compare oursleves to them i thought. "Wait can u sing?"Harry asked. I blushed bright red then looked at the girls, they were blushing to. Truth is we can sing, really well but no one knows. The boys looked at us funny. "U look like u can so plzz sing us something!" They pleaded. we gave in. "Fine we willsing something!" we all said.I thought we should sing Viva la vida by coldplay (love that song no hate). I whisperd to the girls and they nodded, we sing this all the time.


I used to rule the world

Sees would rise when i gave the word

Now in the morning i sleep alone

Sweep the streets that i used to own



I used to roll the dice

Feel the fear in my enemys eyes

Listen as the croud would sing

Now the oldking is dead long live the kin



One minuit i held the key

next the walls were closed on me

And i discoverd that my castle stands

Upon pillars of salt

Pillars of sand.



I hear jerusalem bells a ringing

Roman cavarly choirs are singing

Be my mirror my sword and sheild

My missonary in a foreign feild

For somereason i cant explain

One you go there was never 

Never an honest word 

but that was when i ruled the world.

We all stoped singing and the boys stared at us jaws wide open. "Did we sing that bad?" I asked.

"No, u were exelent" they all said. We blushed.

"Hey wanna go to my flat?" Asked Louis

"Sure" We all said. and we left starbucks. Wow alot can happen in like half an hour



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