Hi im Louise and im 20yrs old. I have brown straight hair and love red,blue,stripes and jeans. I have 4best friends called, Nicole,Zina,Harlene and Lisa. We are all very crazy. We absaloutly love 1D and we are like them abit. (This is based on my friends in rl, Lauren,Melicia,Courntey,Charlotte and of course me shannon)


2. Mystery boys?

Louisa Pov:


*Lets go crazy crazy crazy till we see the sun*

What its a saturday morning and my phones ringing, i looked at the caller ID and it was Harlene. I looked at my alarm clock and it was bloody 8:00 in the morning! I awnserd the phone. Phone convo between Harlene and Louisa

L: Har this betta be good to get me up at 8 in the morning

H: Lou it is, i was thinking all of us girls should go out to starbucks


H: i knew u would say yes. ive already called the girls, be there at 9 :D

L: Peace out sucker!

H: Byeee.

I dragged myself out of bed and looked in my wardrobe. I took out a blue striped shirt and some red jeans. I started to brush my lovely brown wavy hair back and leave it out today. I added a little mascara and then i was done. I walked down the stairs and slipped on my red converses. I slipped on my jacket and grabbed my purse and keys and walked out the door. I made my way down the road to starbucks and there i saw all waiting for me the rest of my gang. "Heyloo gals" i said cheerfully. "Hey hey hey lou" they all replied with the same cheerfullness. We walked into starbucks and found a table. We chatted for abit and then 5 mysterious boys walked in through the door. I elbowed Nicole and said "Oi girls them boys look abit weird dontcha think?"

"Oh yeh" Zina said. "oh no there coming are way act natural" Lisa said. They walked over to our table. One of them asked "is these seats taken?"

"Nope" i awnserd. They sat down. After about 2mins of awkward silence one of them asked "Do u want to know who we are?"

We nodded. "just dont freak out" One witth a irish acent said. They took there hoods down and boy i was amazed they were.....


hahaha suspense, ille promise to stop doing these author notes :D is it good comment and stuff u know the drill right XD

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