Hi im Louise and im 20yrs old. I have brown straight hair and love red,blue,stripes and jeans. I have 4best friends called, Nicole,Zina,Harlene and Lisa. We are all very crazy. We absaloutly love 1D and we are like them abit. (This is based on my friends in rl, Lauren,Melicia,Courntey,Charlotte and of course me shannon)


4. Hide and Seek!!!

Louisa pov:


Ahh we  are at louis flat and it is HUGE!! 

"Omg louis this flat is like HUGE!!" I screamed.

"Yeh" the girls added

"So wat we gonna do?" I asked. Silence. I finally thought of something.

"hide and seek!" Me and louis shouted. "NOT IT" Me,Louis,Zayn,Zina,Nicky,Niall,Harlene,Harry and lisa shouted.

"Awrhhh man i have to count." Liam said. "im counting to 100, 1,2,3,4" He started. Me and louis went in a team, zayn and zina, nicky and niall and harlene just ran of. Louis dragged me up to his room and into his wardrobe. "Omg lou ur wardrobe is filthy!" I screamed/whisperd. "Oh well just shush"Louis whisperd. "100!" we heard liam shout. "Oh lou hes gonna find us!" I cried. "Oh Louisa shhhhh" Louis shouted/whisperd. We both heard liam come up the stairs. I was about to scream but louis put his hand on my mouth. "FOUND YOU ZAYN!" We heard him shout. "Eek" i quietly whisperd. "Oh and you zina!" i also heard liam say. Soon after that he found Nicky,Niall,Harry and harlene, but not lisa. I shuffled back into his wardrobe and heard a muffled "ow" I screamed but louis put his hand over my mouth again! luckily. "Lou Lou,Gft Otf Meh" Someone said muffled. "OMG lisa!" I said. "Yeh who else?" She asked while sitting up. "There not gonna find us are they?" I said. Suddenly i heard louis door open. I gulped. Louis put his hands over mine and lisa's mouth. "Sh" he whisperd. "Come on you 3 we know ur in here come out!" Liam shouted. "Hide" Louis said quietly. Lisa burrowed her way underneeth the clothes while louis put on loads of his black clothes and hid in the corner. At the top of the wardrobe i saw a metal bar. Hmm i thought. i grabbed it and swun to the top of the wardrobe. (i do this in my nans wardrobe). yes!  "COME ON GUYS WE GIVE UP!" Nicky said. "Check the wardrobe" I heard Harry say. Uh oh. i heard louis burrow under the clothes aswell. I swung abit higher and then the door opended.  The boys peered in the wardrobe, dont look up DO NOT LOOK UP! i thought. They didnt THANKKKK GODDD. They shut the cuboard door. "come on guys" Zina sighed. I poked both of them under the clothes whilst hanging upside down. "Lets come out" I whisperd. Both of them came out of the wardrobe. "Wh.. H..o? Weres Lou lou?" Asked Nicky. I flipped myself down whislt kicking the wardrobe door. "Heyyyyyaaa Whadda miss?" I asked cheerfully. The girls chuckled "Oh Lou lou"

"What its myt specialyty" I giggled.


sos i aint been updating i need a co-author

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